Dungeon Crawl

Gerome The Kinky Gnome #DungeonCrawl 5 comments

Welcome to this week’s Dungeon Crawl, where you never can tell what you’re going to get. Gerome our Gnome was running free at camp while we were taking a nap. His ball gag is edible since it’s an M & M. He did have a raisin for a ball gag, but M & M’s are more delicious.  Now go get crawling to the rest of the Dungeon’s. [inlinkz_linkup id=405523 mode=1]

The Demon Inside ~ Part Four #DungeonCrawl 8 comments

Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl brought to you by Romancing The Kink. We rejoin Cassie and Gabriel as Cassie is desperately trying to do as Gabriel asks to atone for the little show she put on earlier at the club in an attempt to make him jealous. I recapped one paragraph and do realize this part isn’t very long. I hadn’t realized we were so close to the end. It is what it is and I hope you have enjoyed it enough to be happy to know how this part of their story ends. Cassie was wailing and bucking her hips as she fucked herself silly. Tears streamed down her face as she dragged the vibrator over her clit and clenched her pussy muscles around the dildo, her ass burned with unbelievable fire but Gabriel’s words and her wild actions had her tumbling over the edge as he commanded.Cassie […]

The Demon Inside ~ Part Three #DungeonCrawl 6 comments

We rejoin Cassie and Gabriel joined in a dark dance of jealousy and retribution. Gabriel is a vampire, a demon with no soul, but one who has managed to feel love for the woman who grabbed hold of his heart. They are mated, which means she belongs to him absolutely. In a fit of anger, Cassie deliberately acted in a way that made the demon deep inside Gabriel come roaring to the surface. Cassie has gathered all the things Gabriel told her to bring to him for her punishment, and is now giving her instructions for the ginger root, which of course Cassie isn’t going to want anything to do with.   The Demon Inside – A dark, paranormal, BDSM tale. *Warning, this gets a rough, hence the demon part.*   “I think not Cassie. My demon has yet to extract his pound of flesh and we haven’t even come […]

The Demon Inside: Part Two #Vampire #BDSM 10 comments

We pick up right where we left off last week. Cassie has enraged her vampire lover by deliberately making him jealous. Now they are back at his old place and the demon inside Gabriel needs revenge on his wayward female. She is his claimed mate and belongs to only him.   The Demon Inside   Cassie obediently came to him across the floor, the dirt and loose rock scraping her knees. She placed the items at his feet and dropped to her hands once more, pressing her forehead to the floor, assuming the correct punishment position. “Sit up on your knees and look at me Cassie.” She did and the pain in his eyes went straight to her heart. At this point she wanted him to thrash the hell out of her. “What do you think I should do to a strayin’ harlot such as yourself?” “I deserve all of […]

The Demon Inside #DungeonCrawl 10 comments

  This is from an old piece I haven’t done too much with. I think perhaps because it’s really gritty, raw, and in your face, dark. I have a trilogy of paranormal historical romance called Beneath the Shadows of Evil which begins with Taken. If you like HEA’s, rainbows, or sunshine, just move along. This story is modern. My vampires don’t sparkle. They are creatures who are sexy, bestial, and more than a little bit evil. This makes for a perfect backdrop for BDSM, Gabriel is a very possessive vampire and Cassie his claimed mate who purposely made him jealous when they are out on night. That was a baaaaaaaaad idea. ~~~~~~~ One last thing is that I preach to never punish when angry. Gabriel is pissed as hell and he is a souless vampire, so he gets past that safety rule. This is from The Demon Inside. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Gabriel […]

Are You Primal Enough for Anal Sex? 6 comments

It’s Wednesday once again and it’s time to crawl, and it’s BDSM, so we like it. With whips and chains, and sometimes duct tape. So get on your knees and start crawling! The Dungeon Crawl is brought to you each week by the folks at Romancing The Kink. Excerpt from Primal Cravings: A Collection of Anal Erotica Olivia has been away from the Chicago BDSM scene since the ending of her long term D/s relationship. Her friend Rachel convinced her to attend Kinky Kollege, saying it was time to get back out there and be with friends again. Anal is a hard limit for Olivia, but Rachel dragged her to a class on anal play. Now she simply can’t get the image of Gideon, the presenter, fucking his demo partner in the ass, out of her head. She wandered around the dungeon only to answer the pull of her desires, […]

Dungeon Crawl ~ A Chocolate Covered Lover 10 comments

This weeks Dungeon Crawl is brought to you by Romancing The Kink, which is Sheri Savill and Trent Evans. A Dungeon Crawl is like a hop, but only we crawl since it’s BDSM. Today our dungeon is tasty, so good you’ll lick your lips. This is an excerpt from Dark Obsessions, my collection of F/f BDSM erotic short stories. This comes from the story Erotic Sensations, featuring my own lovely Beauty. The excerpt begin about two thirds into a sensual play session. I’ve finished drumming with my canes and now am moving on to the delicious part of the scene, drizzling hot fudge all over my wife. The fudge when warmed in a crock pot on low heats it to a hot but not burning temperature and creates the same type of feeling wax play does with the added bonus of being able to lick Beauty clean.   I stir […]

RTK Dungeon Crawl ~ The Spanking Bench 12 comments

Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl brought to you by Romancing The Kink, where kinky folks get together on Wednesdays and explore each others dungeons. The Spanking Bench People have been looking for a spanking bench and specs, so I thought I’d share pictures of how it was made. We had it custom made for Beauty to her measurements by Grandwood of Fetlife. He might be able to give you a better idea of how things were done.  Get crawling to visit the rest of the Dungeons to see what goodies they have in store for you. [inlinkz_linkup id=392704 mode=1]

Figging In The Dungeon 19 comments

It’s that time again for the Dungeon Crawl. Let’s get crawling! What do you get when you take one set of cotton split bloomers, a camisole, a sturdy rattan cane or birch bundle, and a freshly peeled knob of ginger for figging? Why Victorian role play of course. Role playing Victorian can be a delightfully kinky scene that involves funishment of a few different kinds. I always use my canes, have my submissive wear the pretty frilly set of split bloomers and camisole, and use figging as part of the ‘punishment’. The bloomers can be bought on Ebay. They are slit from front to back and are essentially two piece that are held together by a ribbon. They can be spread wide for a number of different fun and games. I like to use anal sex as part of the funishment. In the scene I like the Victorian young lady has been […]