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We rejoin Cassie and Gabriel joined in a dark dance of jealousy and retribution. Gabriel is a vampire, a demon with no soul, but one who has managed to feel love for the woman who grabbed hold of his heart. They are mated, which means she belongs to him absolutely. In a fit of anger, Cassie deliberately acted in a way that made the demon deep inside Gabriel come roaring to the surface. Cassie has gathered all the things Gabriel told her to bring to him for her punishment, and is now giving her instructions for the ginger root, which of course Cassie isn’t going to want anything to do with.


The Demon Inside – A dark, paranormal, BDSM tale.

*Warning, this gets a rough, hence the demon part.*


“I think not Cassie. My demon has yet to extract his pound of flesh and we haven’t even come close to agony.” Gabriel turned from her and retrieved the ginger root. Cassie’s eyes widened and she bit her lip, just barely avoiding shaking her head ‘no’. He held out the hated thing, the sinister plug, but Cassie couldn’t make herself take it from him.


 “Don’t you dare deny me bitch. Take it Cassie. You are going to do this to yourself. Your words tell me how sorry you are so prove it my little whore. Quickly into your pussy to lube it up then ram it all the way into your sweet little arse.”


 “Please Sir. Not in my pussy. I can’t bear it there.”


Gabriel grit his teeth, his eyes once again changing, blue to yellow and back again with his barely control rage. “Spread your juices from your cunt to your arse to grease yourself up if you’d like Cassie, but that plug is going into your pussy for a count of three seconds and then you’re going to bury it in your arse and keep it there until I damn well tell you it can come out. DO IT NOW!


Cassie jumped at his words and quickly pulled some liquid from her quim to her bottom hole. Then, gritting her teeth, her whole body shaking, she plunged the carved ginger root into her cunny. A shriek immediately rose from her lips and filled the room. The burn from the ginger was instantaneous. Heat flooded her womb warming her very core. Her cries drowned out Gabriel’s count but it didn’t matter, Cassie pulled the ginger root from her burning pussy, eyes full of tears, praying time had elapsed. She hadn’t been able to take it anymore. “Oh god, oh god, oh, ohohohoh, god, god, can’t, no more. I’m sorry, so sorry.”


“Enough sniveling, put that damn thing in your arse Cassie, and be quick about it.”


Gabriel narrowed his eyes and glared at Cassie, turning more anger towards her as he fought his human side. The weak human who had reacted to her cries of pain with an aching heart. The pathetic human who had no place in this crypt tonight.


DO IT NOW Cassie!


 Cassie drew her legs up, wanting to rock and rub at her tortured pussy but she fought the urge and pushed the ginger plug into her bum. At first there was no sensation other than the pleasant one of being filled, but then things began to warm up. A slow heat built, but it was tolerable. She’d gone five minutes last time and she wondered just how long she’d be made to hold the plug in before Gabriel would relent tonight.


“Now then, get on your hands and knees.” Cassie quickly did. “Put this in your needy little cunt.” Gabriel handed her the dildo. It was the clit stimulation kind. It had a second, smaller shaft that vibrated and rubbed directly over her nub when buried in her pussy. The thing always made her go off like a rocket. It was already turned on high. She put it in and sighed at the mixture of burning pain left by the ginger root and blissful pleasure as the stimulator immediately began to vibrate her already engorged clit. Gabriel laughed at her little coo of pleasure and held out the paddle. “Such a whore Cassie. Now slap that naughty bum of yours until it’s as hot as the inside of your arse will soon be.”


Cassie hesitated for just a second. Here she was, naked, kneeling at Gabriel’s feet, a ginger plug in her ass, clamps on her nipples, a huge dildo vibrating away deep in her pussy, and now she was about to spank herself. The crop came down with brutal force once, twice, three time right across her ass, hitting the ginger root and making it move deep inside her. This caused the burn to get worse and Cassie yelped.


 “Didn’t I make myself clear bitch? Spank yourself. Show me how very sorry you claim to be. DO IT NOW AND DON’T STOP UNTIL I TELL YOU TO.”


Cassie awkwardly began a stinging rhythm as the plug in her ass began a major burn. She briefly wondered how long it’d been inside her but pushed the thought away. It didn’t matter. There it would stay until Gabriel was satisfied. “Harder for god’s sakes.” Cassie really put her all into it until her ass was blazing. The slow burn began to get hot inside her and she couldn’t hold back her whimper or the shake of her hips.


 “What’s the matter baby? Somethin’ gettin’ hot?”


 “Please Sir. It burns.”


 “Fuck yourself now Cassie. Let it burn and fuck yourself.”


“Oh god, it hurts.” Cassie dropped the paddle and began to plunge the dildo in and out, angling it so the stimulator rubbed her aching clit, desperately trying to forget about the burning inside her bottom. “Sir please. Can’t take it.”


 “Harder Cassie. Fuck that whore’s cunt you Jezebel. I’m going to make damn sure you remember that my cock is the only one that will ever be buried between your legs. You are mine Cassie. Mine to pleasure, mine to hurt.  MINE!  Fuck that pussy.”


“Gabriel, oh god please, please. It burns. Oh god Gabriel.” Cassie was beside herself, totally lost in the twin sensations roaring through her, manners be damned nothing mattered but the fire in her bum and the need in her belly.


 “No Cassie. It’s not coming out until you cum.”


 “Gabriel plleeeaaaasssseee!!!!!”


 “Fuck that whore’s pussy Cassie and cum for me.”


 “AHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Gabriel, hurts, burns.” Her hips pumped in time to the thrusting of her hand as wave after wave of intense pleasure and burning pain vied for dominance in her body.


 “Do it Cassie. Cum for me now my little whore. DO IT NOW Cassie!”


Cassie was wailing and bucking her hips as she fucked herself silly. Tears streamed down her face as she dragged the vibrator over her clit and clenched her pussy muscles around the dildo, her ass burned with unbelievable fire but Gabriel’s words and her wild actions had her tumbling over the edge as he commanded.Cassie collapsed, in a quivering heap, crying, reaching back, desperate to pull out the plug, her safe word rising to her lips, only to feel Gabriel’s hands lifting her hips and gently pulling the ginger root from her.



Want more? Come back next Wednesday to find out what happens next. But in the meantime you can crawl over to the rest of the Dungeon’s to see what delights they have in store for you.

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6 thoughts on “The Demon Inside ~ Part Three #DungeonCrawl

  • cpmandara

    Oh my word! You’re making me blush (and that’s quite a hard thing to do…!) Loved this sexy excerpt… love figging… and well, the anal sex thing is lots of fun 😀 Fantastic piece of Dungeon Crawling. Lovely dark hero. MORE MORE MORE!!!

  • shelly douglas

    Am I hallucinating or was someone worrying that the freezer would reduce the strength of the ginger? GUESS NOT! Great scene … I’m assuming she won’t be flirting with anyone else – anytime soon!! 🙂

    • Jolynn Raymond

      In reality, the ginger would have lost a bit of its sting due to the placement in the refrigerator, but I used a bit of creative license. No, I don’t imagine Cassie will even glance in the direction of another man any time soon. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Jolynn Raymond

      Everyone’s body reacts to ginger differently, though all feel the burn. I have read it makes the entire body more sensitive to any kind of touch be it pain or pleasure. In my experience though, the burn is pretty uncomfortable for those I have used this kind of punishment on.

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