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Cranberries and Spice Blog Hop Nov. 22nd – Dec. 5th #Erotic 14 comments

Welcome to the Cranberries & Spice Blog Hop, that runs from Nov. 22nd through Dec. 5th. The hop is hosted by Natasha Blackthorne, an erotic historical romance author. There will be great prizes ready to be won from the individual authors participating in the hop. On ours, we are giving away a $10 Amazon Gift Card to be won by commenting, and leaving your email address with your comment. We will pick a person at random, and will announce the winner on December 6th. The winner will be notified by email that they have won. Click below to find the Facebook event for the hop. The Facebook Event for the Blog Hop A Note From Jolynn: During this holiday of remembering to be thankful, I can easily think of many things. My wife, of course, and the home we live in. The food we have in abundance. My mom who is still going strong at 88 […]

Spank or Treat October 24th – 26th #SpankorTreat 71 comments

SPANK OR TREAT 2014 Spank or Treat 2014 is finally here! Visit Governing Ana for the prize list, sign-up sheet, and full instructions. You can win from a prize pool valued at over $1,000, including a Kindle Fire or Nook HD donated by Blushing Books! Want to become a Spank or Treat Ambassador and earn an extra prize entry? See below! Even better, participation could earn you a GRAND PRIZE! GENERAL PRIZES! Kindle Fire or Nook HD (Winner’s choice!) (donated by Blushing Books) $25 gift certificate to Less Than Three Press (TWO winners!) (donated by the same) $25 gift certificate to Amazon (donated by Jolynn Raymond) $20 gift certificate to Amazon (donated by HA Fortman) $20 gift certificate to Phaze Books) (donated by the same) $30 candy basket (donated by Witty Bard Publishing) EveL Minion starter pack (donated by Eve Langlais) Tea gift basket and ebooks (donated by Leigh Ellwood) […]

Announcing #SciSpanks 2014 1 comment

Would you like free stories, fun, and a chance at over $1,000 in prizes? This summer, you can participate in a short story extravaganza! Award-winning authors of dystopian, paranormal, urban fantasy, speculative, and science fiction will showcase stories for your enjoyment. Chat with your favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, find great new books, and meet new friends! Sci Spanks Featured Authors Anastasia Vitsky Anne Ferrer Odom Carole Cummings Cathy Pegau Erzabet Bishop Eve Langlais Eva Lefoy Jessica E. Subject Kate Richards Kathryn R. Blake Leigh Ellwood Louisa Bacio Maren Smith Natasha Knight Olivia Starke Sue Lyndon Introducing guest blogger Ami Starsong!   Want to become a Sci Spanks ambassador and earn an extra prize entry? See below! Even better, participation could earn you a GRAND PRIZE! READER PRIZES! Kindle Fire or Nook HD (winner’s choice) (donated by Blushing Books) $25 gift certificate to Amazon and an autographed copy of Alien Warriors *Available to […]

C ~ Is For Carnal #SpankA2Z 10 comments

~~~~~~~~ C – Carnal – Those of us who have embraced our sexuality as a positive thing, have opened the door to so many more carnal pleasures than those who view sex, and our most primitive needs, as a bad thing. Just the word carnal conjures images in my brain. It speaks of things that are perhaps taboo to those who feel sex is something wicked or shameful. Embrace your carnal urges, set them free and explore. Practice safe sex, keep things consensual at all times, and learn about what it is you wish to do before jumping in head first. I hope this blog challenge will become something that both stimulates and sparks creative urges. Explore your sexuality from A – anal to Z – zap (electrical play), and spice up your life in both the bedroom and in your relationships. Take notes, pencil in new things to learn […]

A Colorful Bottom is a Beautiful Thing #SpankA2Z 7 comments

B – Is for Bruises Many a masochist or spanking lover has stood backwards before a mirror trying to see the beautiful bruises left behind from their chastisement. They are the colorful testament to the strong feelings that rise up inside during a spanking or paddling and remind the one who was spanked of all the warring sensations that went through them, pain, pleasure, humiliation and a feeling of being care for and loved as well, while they were punished for their wrongs. Sitting upon the lovely bruises reminds them of their spanking each time they sit, and they stain one’s bottom purple, blue and red like a colorful badge of honor that speaks of being cherished. Hop on over to the rest of the Spankers to see what they have in store for you.

Getting Ready For The First Spanking #SatSpanks 10 comments

USA Memorial Day is on May 26 this year.  Here’s wishing you a safe and happy weekend! Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog hop!  If you’re a reader who likes stories with with a touch of corporal punishment, this is the hop for you.  We welcome readers comments, in fact we hunger for them, so don’t be stingy when you’re visiting.  Authors thrive on encouragement. This week’s snippet comes from my non-fiction book, Taken in Hand. It is a guide to creating and maintaining domestic discipline and power exchange relationships. The excerpt below is from the chapter on the inevitable first punishment which is something that can seem daunting to those who don’t practice BDSM as well as an element of discipline. There are 10 sentences, not eight. I apologize. I tried my best to whittle it down and was only semi successful. When speaking on a subject that can […]

The Demon Inside: Part Two #Vampire #BDSM 10 comments

We pick up right where we left off last week. Cassie has enraged her vampire lover by deliberately making him jealous. Now they are back at his old place and the demon inside Gabriel needs revenge on his wayward female. She is his claimed mate and belongs to only him.   The Demon Inside   Cassie obediently came to him across the floor, the dirt and loose rock scraping her knees. She placed the items at his feet and dropped to her hands once more, pressing her forehead to the floor, assuming the correct punishment position. “Sit up on your knees and look at me Cassie.” She did and the pain in his eyes went straight to her heart. At this point she wanted him to thrash the hell out of her. “What do you think I should do to a strayin’ harlot such as yourself?” “I deserve all of […]

The Demon Inside #DungeonCrawl 10 comments

  This is from an old piece I haven’t done too much with. I think perhaps because it’s really gritty, raw, and in your face, dark. I have a trilogy of paranormal historical romance called Beneath the Shadows of Evil which begins with Taken. If you like HEA’s, rainbows, or sunshine, just move along. This story is modern. My vampires don’t sparkle. They are creatures who are sexy, bestial, and more than a little bit evil. This makes for a perfect backdrop for BDSM, Gabriel is a very possessive vampire and Cassie his claimed mate who purposely made him jealous when they are out on night. That was a baaaaaaaaad idea. ~~~~~~~ One last thing is that I preach to never punish when angry. Gabriel is pissed as hell and he is a souless vampire, so he gets past that safety rule. This is from The Demon Inside. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Gabriel […]

Claudia Learns A Lesson #SatSpanks 14 comments

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Bloghop!  If you’re a reader who likes stories with with a touch of corporal punishment, this is the hop for you. We welcome readers comments, in fact we hunger for them, so don’t be stingy when you’re visiting.  Authors thrive on encouragement. This snippet is from my new novel that will be coming out this summer. The title is “His Lordship’s Wayward Wife”. Claudia Stafford has just been married to the Duke of Brighton much to her dismay. She is a rebellious girl, and has no use for rules or things considered proper, but her world is soon to be turned upside down. What she did not know is that her father and his father before him are members of a secret society who believe a woman has her place, even more so that is common practice. Claudia is now married and is beginning to understand […]