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Multi Author Book Blogger Giveaway #Winners

Want to win tons of sexy ebooks to start your fire? Four from @JolynnRaymond w/ Taken In Hand http://t.co/FAHgysPr11 pic.twitter.com/xWWiOGDmzc — Beautys Punishment (@YourPunishments) April 29, 2014 You could be the lucky winner of any of the thirty prizes. There are lots of great ebooks, swag, and Amazon gift cards than can be yours if you enter the Rafflecopter within the next three days. Jolynn is giving away four gifted ebooks from Amazon of hers that could have your Kindle sizzling this weekend. Lessons of Love, Elizabeth’s Destiny, Sweet Agony, and Taken In Hand. Dining In was just a taste of the Sweet Agony you could be having with your lover. Donating Authors R.J. Redlynn, Chelle Bliss, Amanda Lanclos, Delia Gosa Steele, Alison Easton, Leann Lane, Becca Lee Nyx, Hunter S. Jones, Kayla Lords, Ginger Singh, Tonya Kinzer, and Kaprice Potter, and Jolynn Raymond. Donating Book Blogs and Podcasters Budget Book […]

Are You Primal Enough for Anal Sex? 6 comments

It’s Wednesday once again and it’s time to crawl, and it’s BDSM, so we like it. With whips and chains, and sometimes duct tape. So get on your knees and start crawling! The Dungeon Crawl is brought to you each week by the folks at Romancing The Kink. Excerpt from Primal Cravings: A Collection of Anal Erotica Olivia has been away from the Chicago BDSM scene since the ending of her long term D/s relationship. Her friend Rachel convinced her to attend Kinky Kollege, saying it was time to get back out there and be with friends again. Anal is a hard limit for Olivia, but Rachel dragged her to a class on anal play. Now she simply can’t get the image of Gideon, the presenter, fucking his demo partner in the ass, out of her head. She wandered around the dungeon only to answer the pull of her desires, […]