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Writer of historical paranormal romance, kinky historical romance, and BDSM Mistress and Sex Blogger. I hold the position of being one of Kinkly's Top 100 Sex Bloggers. Two of my books, Taken in Hand A Guide to Domestic Discipline and His Lordship's Wayward Wife, have been nominated as best BDSM Non Fiction and Best BDSM Historical books of the year. The awards ceremony will take place at the BDSM Writers Con in New York City this August.

Let My Kinky Freedom Ring! 1 comment

    Let My Kinky Freedom Ring Today is the day we celebrate the birth of freedom in our country, and it’s finally time for me to celebrate new freedoms too. I have gained the liberty to express my sexuality as well as the freedom to be kinky, and boy does it feel good. I have retired, and we are moving to Florida, where the fetish clubs are licensed, and the views are more liberal. Self-censorship was hard. I smothered myself and my wife because I needed to toe the line and present myself as an upstanding vanilla do-gooder, to conform to the morality clause in the contract that governed me for 31 years. Now there is no need to hide the fact that I am a lesbian who is extremely kinky and writes books that contain kinky smut, BDSM, and how to domesticate and discipline your wife. I can […]

As One Door Closes 2 comments

    As One Door Closes   Something happened last Thursday. It was a monumental change in my life that I have been waiting for. I can’t believe the day finally arrived. I mean, it seems like yesterday when I began the journey, but now that time in my life has arrived, I’m a bit stunned. The door has closed on that chapter of my life, never to be gone through again. I couldn’t be happier, even though Beauty had to comfort me when I started sobbing at some ridiculous thing on the TV the evening of the big change. I mean I am happy! Hell yes, but change is hard. I have closed the door on my career of 31 years. It was a big part of me. I’m free to be Jolynn Raymond the Mistress and writer. The chains of my working self have come off, and I […]

Why The Shame for Hard Limits? 2 comments

Why the Shame for Hard Limits? In the kink community, a limit is something you will not agree to in a BDSM interaction, and no responsible dominant or submissive should ever skip the conversation about what are serious limits when getting to know each other or planning to play. Limits are more than important, they are what define the edge of a person’s cravings and tolerance for BDSM play and roles. The concept of limits gets tossed around in the kink community all the time. Some dominants seem to think pushing past a submissive’s limits is akin to a challenge, and submissives often feel shame or a loss of value for what they won’t agree to do. Both are troubling to me. It doesn’t matter why something is a limit, and you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. If it makes you say no, it’s the end of conversation unless you […]

This Is Not the Face of Hate 2 comments

This Is Not the Face of Hate It has become my habit on days I don’t have to work, to sit down with my coffee and look through the newest pins on Pinterest. As I begin with one board, I often move about and follow where my interest leads me. This morning after finding pins for my board called Strong Women I clicked on a woman I admired, then another who had her child with her because being a mom takes strength, especially if you live in a third world country. Finally, I came to a board that held photos of children. I have a very soft heart, and one look at the face of a child can make me melt. The first child had such an incredible smile that I knew I had to pin her. She wasn’t beauty pageant pretty all dolled up with make-up, wasn’t a model, […]

We’ve Got Friends in Low Places 5 comments

  We’ve Got Friends in Low Places On Sept. 23rd of 2017, I will be officially retired from 30 years in my career or ‘regular’ job, and will become a writer and kink educator full time. I counted the days, really I did. I brought up the calendar and sat like a kid counting the days left before Christmas, because my retirement will be like Christmas, a birthday, summer vacation, and spring break rolled up into a spectacular day to celebrate. It isn’t that I hate my job, I just am ready to be done after 30 years. It’s time to move onto other interests and write full time, so 09/23/2017 is D-day. Along with my retirement will come a move to another state with a milder climate. Wisconsin gets way to cold, and frankly Beauty and I have had enough of the snow. We’ve also had enough of the […]

Out With The Pet Peeves

Out With the Pet Peeves   We’ve made it to another year. It seems like just a while ago we were all preparing for Y2K. Times flies. It’s the truth. I have made a personal resolution, but that isn’t what this is about. This is a light-hearted look at my pet peeves. We all have them. Those things that drive us crazy, and yet everyone’s pet peeves are different. I think that it is a good thing when it comes to Beauty and I. Of course, we share some, but we also have ones that are vastly different, meaning when I simply am ready to explode or throttle someone, she is calm about it and vice versa, which helps us take a breath. I would love to hear some of my reader’s pet peeves. I think it’s fun to look at what makes others annoyed, only because it makes us […]

Consent, Age, and Personal Views

 Consent, Age, and Personal Views As most of us who are active in kink know, consent is EVERYTHING! I do not touch or become dominant towards anyone who has not verbally invited me to, has answered the question “Where can’t I touch you?” and has given consent to use a specified implement or have a play session involving X, Y, and Z. I also review the color system for play meaning green for keep going or more, yellow for I’m reaching the top of my tolerance, and red for stop right this second. In my book, only those who are able to make that sort of decision can only give consent. Be it a young age, a lack of being able to communicate because of a language barrier, being incapacitate by drugs or alcohol, not being human, still being in subspace from previous play, or not being able to repeat […]

My Annual Christmas Post – 2015

  My Annual Christmas Post And so it is time for my annual Christmas post. I have gifts to give, and this year I have one to take back as well. A lot has happened during 2015, some for good and some for bad, and we all know that the bad get a lump of coal. Seeing as how I am fresh out of coal, I will distribute my gifts as I see fit and that includes a few bad presents. To my beautiful wife, I give the gift of seeing herself through my eyes. Another year has been added to your birthday total, and I wish you could see the perfection I see when I look at you instead of what time has changed. Your eyes are full of expression. Love, trust, mirth and even sorrow come my way when you look at me. I see no lines, just […]

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pass the Pumpkin Pie 3 comments

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pass the Pumpkin Pie And so another holiday season is upon us. It seems like yesterday that I was writing my Christmas post. Time marches at a steady pace, sometimes seemingly with wings, as we zip through our lives, just working to get each day taken care of. We are a nation that has the speed limit pushed to the max. There never seems to be time for family. I am guilty of this. Each week it’s hurry, hurry, and the weekend is sit and work, sit and work. But then comes the time of year that is meant to be spent with family. Oh, there are other holidays where we sit down and share the love, but not like the months between late October and the start of a new year. This is the time we set aside each year and see those we […]