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The Demon Inside ~ Part Four #DungeonCrawl 8 comments

Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl brought to you by Romancing The Kink. We rejoin Cassie and Gabriel as Cassie is desperately trying to do as Gabriel asks to atone for the little show she put on earlier at the club in an attempt to make him jealous. I recapped one paragraph and do realize this part isn’t very long. I hadn’t realized we were so close to the end. It is what it is and I hope you have enjoyed it enough to be happy to know how this part of their story ends. Cassie was wailing and bucking her hips as she fucked herself silly. Tears streamed down her face as she dragged the vibrator over her clit and clenched her pussy muscles around the dildo, her ass burned with unbelievable fire but Gabriel’s words and her wild actions had her tumbling over the edge as he commanded.Cassie […]

A Colorful Bottom is a Beautiful Thing #SpankA2Z 7 comments

B – Is for Bruises Many a masochist or spanking lover has stood backwards before a mirror trying to see the beautiful bruises left behind from their chastisement. They are the colorful testament to the strong feelings that rise up inside during a spanking or paddling and remind the one who was spanked of all the warring sensations that went through them, pain, pleasure, humiliation and a feeling of being care for and loved as well, while they were punished for their wrongs. Sitting upon the lovely bruises reminds them of their spanking each time they sit, and they stain one’s bottom purple, blue and red like a colorful badge of honor that speaks of being cherished. Hop on over to the rest of the Spankers to see what they have in store for you.