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Primal Cravings is Now Live #AnalSexTutorial 2 comments

Try a different kind of fireworks this holiday. Anal erotica, complete with an anal sex tutorial Available for immediate download on Amazon After taking some needed time away from the kink scene to recover from a painful break up, Olivia is ready to return to the BDSM community. At a big kink event in Chicago, her friend drags her to a class on anal play. The last thing she expects as she sits down is to have her hard limit on anal sex challenged. Gideon is teaching All Things Anal when Olivia and Rachel take the only seats that are left, putting a woman he has long admired and desired in the front row. He sees the flush on Olivia’s cheeks as she watches him demonstrate the different types of play, and then spies her again that night, looking at him with intense scrutiny as he does a scene in the […]

O is for Orgasm #AnalSex #SpankA2Z 3 comments

O is for Orgasm   Though I imagine I’m not the only one who is picking the most obvious of words for O, I decided to use it anyway. I mean really, who doesn’t love a good orgasm? Here is a good hard orgasm from my book Primal Cravings which will be released soon.   “That’s it, tell me how much you want it. That’s my girl. Tell me Olivia.” The cries and grunts that spilled from her lips were sounds she’d never made before. They were course and raw. He didn’t need her words, the sounds of pleasure and the tightening of her anal walls told him all he needed to know. When a low keening began to emanate from her core, Gideon knew it was time. He angled his hips so his cock pierced her ass in downward strokes, pounding like a jack hammer, fast and hard. She […]

J is for The Juicer #AnalSex 14 comments

J is for Juicer This wonderful little toy may have a different name, but was dubbed the juicer by me a long time ago. It’s made of glass and the end that goes deep inside your partner is shaped like an old fashioned juicer used to extract juice from the half of an orange. The tip is rounded, but it does have the grooves, and the shaft has small bumps to tickle the insides. The best part of all is the crank on the other end. When lubed up and slid into a tight little anus, one is able to spin it inside them to create a sensation unlike any other. The combination of the glass and the lube eliminate friction and instead make this handy little toy glide over the sensitive inner tissue with ease while the nubs and the head rub all the extra sensitive places. I like […]

A is for Anal Punishment #Consensual #SpankA2Z 16 comments

A  is of course for Anal. I don’t think any of you thought I would do anything else! She lay across his lap bottom tilted up hands dutifully clasp behind her back, legs spread wide as expected, but he knew she was still full of resentment over his decision to punish her. Even after he’d spanked her bottom to a fiery red, her body remained stiff with defiance. “I will tell you once more to speak of the crime you are being punished for Abigail. If you continue to remain silent, I will find another way to turn your attention to your misdeed. Why are you being spanked?” His question received no reply. Abigail was stubbornly refusing to admit that her decision to drive home after consuming a large glass of wine the night before had been a dangerous one. Wine went straight to her head, and they both knew […]

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It’s Wednesday once again and it’s time to crawl, and it’s BDSM, so we like it. With whips and chains, and sometimes duct tape. So get on your knees and start crawling! The Dungeon Crawl is brought to you each week by the folks at Romancing The Kink. Excerpt from Primal Cravings: A Collection of Anal Erotica Olivia has been away from the Chicago BDSM scene since the ending of her long term D/s relationship. Her friend Rachel convinced her to attend Kinky Kollege, saying it was time to get back out there and be with friends again. Anal is a hard limit for Olivia, but Rachel dragged her to a class on anal play. Now she simply can’t get the image of Gideon, the presenter, fucking his demo partner in the ass, out of her head. She wandered around the dungeon only to answer the pull of her desires, […]

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              Primal Cravings: A Collection of Anal Erotica by Jolynn Raymond I have a new book, Primal Cravings, due out this summer that is a collection of anal sex erotica. I have played around with various covers and have come up with the two here as my favorites. I’d like my readers opinions. I have never had covers that were in your face sex, and wish to keep it that way but part of me likes the red better than the blue because red brings to mind heat, and this book will be very hot. We’re talking anal sex here and well that brings to mind something that is nasty, steamy, and dirty all rolled up into yum. Do you think her ass is well enough covered for Amazon? Do you think the red is better? Is the cover too dark for a thumbnail? Which one […]