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This is from an old piece I haven’t done too much with. I think perhaps because it’s really gritty, raw, and in your face, dark. I have a trilogy of paranormal historical romance called Beneath the Shadows of Evil which begins with Taken. If you like HEA’s, rainbows, or sunshine, just move along.

dragon ate your sparkly vampire
This story is modern. My vampires don’t sparkle. They are creatures who are sexy, bestial, and more than a little bit evil. This makes for a perfect backdrop for BDSM, Gabriel is a very possessive vampire and Cassie his claimed mate who purposely made him jealous when they are out on night. That was a baaaaaaaaad idea.


One last thing is that I preach to never punish when angry. Gabriel is pissed as hell and he is a souless vampire, so he gets past that safety rule.

This is from The Demon Inside.
“Gabriel please. I didn’t mean it.” Cassie stood before him, naked, eyes downcast, hair pinned up high. Gabriel had twisted it tight in his fist and made her secure it, saying every inch of her skin was going to be punished and he wanted it all on display.

He brought the crop down hard across her neck and over her breasts making Cassie’s eyes water. The red welt rose immediately on Cassie’s sweat dampened flesh and she drew in a harsh gasp.

“HOW DARE YOU FORGET TO ADDRESS ME PROPERLY! On your knees whore.” Cassie dropped instantly, any resistance long forgotten because of her guilty feelings over what she’d done.

“Sir! I’m sorry Sir. I swear. He meant nothing. I… I was angry. I didn’t mean it”

“Oh but you did mean it Cassie. You know you did you little harlot and now you’re going to pay.”

A shiver of fear and desire ran straight down Cassie’s spine and pooled in her belly at the menace in Gabriel’s voice. It was a pure and simple fact that Gabriel’s violent demon side made her hot. Very hot. Okay extremely hot. She loved his darkness, and tonight, Gabriel was treading on the dark side. Hell he was stomping on it. Covered in red, black, and evil. He was pissed as hell and all demon. Pure, raging, mad as anything, demon. Cassie didn’t know if she’d ever seen him this mad. Yes they were in a sense playing their game, she had agreed to a session of hard punishment and sex by simply not saying her safe word when he had flipped into Master mode, or else he wouldn’t be laying a finger on her, but the emotions pouring out were very real and deadly serious.

They’d had a spat in the alley outside of the Twenty-Two earlier, and she’d stormed into the club, pissed off as hell, and determined to show Gabriel she didn’t care about him or what he thought. She’d then proceeded to do something incredibly stupid and childish.
What had she been thinking dancing with that other guy like that? Hell that hadn’t even been dancing. She’d just gone up to this stranger on the dance floor at random and begun to put on a show Gabriel wasn’t likely to ever forget. She’d practically made the bewildered guy cum then and there with all the touching and teasing she’d done. Draping her body around his and grinding her hips. Before that could happen though, a black leather blur of raging fury had flown across the dance floor, ripping her from the guy’s arms and slamming her backwards against one of the tables much to the shock of its occupants.

Gabriel had then taken her by the arms, shaking her roughly, hissing in her ear that if there was ever a time she’d thought of using her safe word now would probably be her best bet if she wanted to live, before quickly going on to say that she’d better keep her mouth shut if she knew what was good for her. He then told her what they were going to do wasn’t fit to take place in their nice cozy little house as he dragged her back to his old crypt where his things were all still pretty much intact. He’d gone on to tell her that any fucking she’d get that night would be done with her hands and knees scraping against the dirt and not on the dance floor of Twenty-Two.

Gabriel’s hand closed on her jaw, bringing her chin up none to gently, letting her know the time for reckoning had come. “I think you meant every little bit of that show back at the Twenty-Two luv. Practically gave the guy a lap dance. Were you going to charge him pet? Every sway of your hips, every touch of your hands upon that bloke’s chest and stomach, every bump of your sweet little arse was designed to make me furious, well I am Cassie, I’m beyond furious, and now that arse of yours is mine. Poor boy nearly had a stroke the way you were humpin’ and grindin’ against him. Tell me Cassie, was there something in particular about him or would any of the useless ponces on the dance floor have satisfied your urge to get off?”

“No Sir.”

“NO SIR WHAT? No the others couldn’t have fucked you well enough or no it didn’t matter which of the hundred guys in the place rammed his cock in you tonight?”

“I didn’t want him Sir. Not him or any of the others.”

“Then why pray tell were you fucking him on the dance floor? You’re mine Cassie. I thought I had made that perfectly clear. You wear my mark and you’ve groveled at my feet on many occasions. You… are… My… property Cassie, MINE. To use, to fuck, to punish, to do with as I wish and no one is to touch you. EVER! “

Cassie jumped at his words, wishing to god she hadn’t pulled that stunt. Gabriel was seriously pissed off and in full Master mode. She also knew he was hurting. Hell she’d be raging with jealousy if she saw Gabriel doing what she’d done with some other woman.


“But I didn’t. He didn’t fuck me Sir.” Her voice came out a pitiful whine and it was all Gabriel could do not to slap her senseless.

“Oh but he did my little harlot. He fucked you with his eyes, and his words, and his thoughts as you rubbed your whore’s body against his. He fucked you good and hard my little Jezebel and now you’re pretty little arse is going to burn like hell to make sure you never, ever, even think of letting another man touch you again. You’re mine.”

Gabriel’s words were quiet and sinister and Cassie’s heart was pounding in her chest. Never had he been so angry. Would he stop if she said her safe word? She’d always been so sure he would. Did she even deserve to have one?

“Crawl to the refrigerator Cassie.” Cassie dropped to all fours and scooted across the floor her mind blazing with curiosity, her heart filled with guilt, her body aching with need despite or perhaps because of her very real fear.

“You may rise.” Cassie did so but kept her head lowered. “There is a small package wrapped in a plastic bag in the freezer. Take it out and come back to me.”

Doing as she was told, Cassie reached in and discovered the ginger root plugs she had been made to carve the other day. Oh God. He wouldn’t, he couldn’t. When he’d introduced her to the effects of ginger it had been to test her limit to the powerful burning the plug caused when placed in her ass. Powerful burning and extremely heightened sexual feelings. The ginger made every touch of pain and pleasure so much more intense. Five minutes in her bum had nearly had her in tears, and the paddling of her ass that had accompanied it had resounded through every nerve in her body, especially her clit, in a way she’d never experienced. Cassie doubted five minutes and a brief paddling would be the extent of her suffering tonight.

“What are you waiting for? Bring it to me NOW!” Cassie quickly dropped down on all fours again and crawled back to Gabriel.

“I’m sorry Sir.”

“Silence. Now crawl to the toy box Cassie and fetch the leather paddle, the vibrating dildo, and the nipple clamps. Not the heavy ones, the ones you like.” This last request had her bewildered, in fact the whole list of things were items she loved for him to use on her. What the hell was he planning? She hurried over to the chest and removed the requested items, then knelt, unsure how to proceed with her hands full.

“Permission to stand Sir?”

“Permission denied my little bitch, come to me on your knees. How dare you think a cheating whore such as yourself is worthy to stand in my presence?” Cassie winced at his cutting words. Either he was laying it on thick or his anger had greatly diminished her in his eyes. Would he be able to forgive her for what she’d done?


This is one of her short stories that has been stored on the computer for years. We have over ten years of stories just waiting to be set free for you to read. 

P.S. Ginger in the freezer is not as effective as just peeled fresh ginger root. He must of had the crypt remodeled to have all the comforts of home. 

So, in the meantime you can crawl about to the other Dungeons’ while you are waiting. See what is hanging around on their racks, and other sweet tortures that lie ahead.


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10 thoughts on “The Demon Inside #DungeonCrawl

  • Jolynn Raymond

    Thank you Sheri. Vampires are evil creatures and can easily feed our need for the dark and wicked. They are possessive and dominant which to me makes them good material for twisted kinky tales. Though my anti hero may appear civilized when he wishes, the beast is always there just beneath the surface. LOL to you with the hugsy-wugsy and gummy bears. I will now add those two when I warn that I don’t do kittens and rainbows.

  • Sheri Savill

    “… gritty, raw, and in your face, dark.” I did the “OOOH SIGN ME THE FUCK UP FOR THAT” eyeball look just reading that. And no HEA and sparkles and glitter and gummy bears and hugsy-wugsy stuff? Well, I hate to sound like the Dos Equis guy here … eh, may as well, though, just me being honest: “I don’t read much paranormal BDSM, but when I do, it’s dark and nasty and intense and twisted as fuck.” Thank you.

  • JolynnRaymond Post author

    Why thank you. As someone who takes pride in her dark and twisted mind that is quite a compliment. As of now my nasty vamps are stuck in the past but I am working my way towards modern times. Thanks for the boost in confidence. I will do more to work out a real story for them.

  • LA Cloutier

    Hotter than a jalapeno on a stick, Jolynn. Gabriel positively reeks of dominance and power. I love dark and twisted tales. Please keep going with this and give Gabriel and Cassie a novel. 🙂
    Loved the ginger, too.

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      Thanks LaurA. This vampire is actually different from Mikhal the Merciless in the historical trilogy Beneath the Shadows of Evil. It lacks kink but has hot vampire/human sex and Mikhal is extremely bad ass. Gabriel is dark and twisted as well, but that book hasn’t been published yet.

  • shelly douglas

    Oh, I’m so glad you dug this angry vampire out … if they’re not dark and without a soul … what’s the point? I also loved that he kept his ginger in a plastic bag in the freezer. You never know when you are going to have a ginger emergency! 🙂

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      Thanks Shelly. I agree 100%. I think I’ve had my vampires in historical because then their extra evil and twisted ways kind of fit right in with the times. Gabriel on the other hand likes his modern conveniences, and he’s been alive since medieval times so he has a whole trove of evil and deliciously twisted experience to draw from. Perhaps he’ll have to make an appearance. I’m sure he’s appreciating the modern freezer so the ginger is handy.

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      Thank you for the comment. So far my twisted evil vmps have been in historical romance, but I am really thinking about trying something contemporary. Glad you enjoyed it.

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