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Figging In The Dungeon 19 comments

It’s that time again for the Dungeon Crawl. Let’s get crawling! What do you get when you take one set of cotton split bloomers, a camisole, a sturdy rattan cane or birch bundle, and a freshly peeled knob of ginger for figging? Why Victorian role play of course. Role playing Victorian can be a delightfully kinky scene that involves funishment of a few different kinds. I always use my canes, have my submissive wear the pretty frilly set of split bloomers and camisole, and use figging as part of the ‘punishment’. The bloomers can be bought on Ebay. They are slit from front to back and are essentially two piece that are held together by a ribbon. They can be spread wide for a number of different fun and games. I like to use anal sex as part of the funishment. In the scene I like the Victorian young lady has been […]

Some Lessons are Hard

Once upon a time is over rated, especially if you were a woman. If you were a woman, you were property. If you were a woman, you had no rights, only obligations. If you were a woman, your family chose who you would marry. If you were a woman, rape was shameful and an embarrassment. If you were a woman you were required to give your husband his marital rights… always. If you were a woman, your husband could discipline you in any way he saw fit. But… there were still some happily ever afters. With all of the things above stacked against you, it’s amazing that anyone found true love. Jolie was a young woman who had a cruel stepfather. Jolie was a woman who longed for someone to care for her. Jolie was a young woman who desperately wished to live a different life. And then she met Cole. […]

Want Domestic Discipline? #SpankedWife 4 comments

  Taken in Hand: A Guide to Domestic Discipline, Power Exchange Relationships, and Related BDSM topics by Jolynn Raymond Maybe you’ve been curious about domestic discipline. Maybe you’ve already tried to add it to your relationship but have struggled to make it work. Maybe you need help with rules, routines, or ways to discipline. Maybe you just want to understand what domestic discipline and power exchange relationships are and if they might be right for you. You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. From the first conversation to the first punishment and how to sustain a long term loving relationship, Taken in Hand is a comprehensive guide that covers it all. Jolynn Raymond has written a book that shares the details of her own long lasting domestic discipline marriage and her experience surrounding power exchange relationships. It explains why these unconventional relationships work so well for so many couples. The book is […]