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Creating and Understanding Domestic Discipline
 and Power Exchange Relationships 

This workshop will explore the ins and outs of my own personal, domestic discipline and power exchange relationships with my wife Beauty, my play partner, and my service submissives. I am the dominant and head of household in my marriage, as well as being the head of my kink family, and I will share exactly what that entails. I will emphasize on the dominant’s role and responsibilities in creating and maintaining either a DD or D/s relationship.

Attendees will be walked through the topics of discussion that must be covered prior to any kink relationship, as well as how to set up the rules, routines, responsibilities, and punishments. All of these aspects take time to establish, and must suit each individual pair, but I will share my method of setting the boundaries and covering the topics that apply to both my wife and myself. Strategies for working out the differences between each couple, and finding their way to the complete consent that is mandatory, will be covered as well.

I will share the pitfalls any kind of power exchange relationships will face, and go over what to do when the inevitable first spanking needs to be given. A strong DD or D/s relationship can weather the inescapable storms if they have the strategies to keep the communication lines open. This workshop will help you form a strong relationship in which you are both happy.

Handouts include:

  • My Dominants Code of Ethics
  • My wife’s rules and expectations
  • A list (with some detail) of the tips to keep a DD or D/s relationship strong

Where My Workshops Will Be, and Have Been Offered

BDSM Writers Con NYC ~ August 21 – 23rd 2015

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  • mj

    The question I just posted on another page was answered here. You will be at my friend’s Con this August! It is a small world, indeed!