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The Demon Inside ~ Part Three #DungeonCrawl 6 comments

We rejoin Cassie and Gabriel joined in a dark dance of jealousy and retribution. Gabriel is a vampire, a demon with no soul, but one who has managed to feel love for the woman who grabbed hold of his heart. They are mated, which means she belongs to him absolutely. In a fit of anger, Cassie deliberately acted in a way that made the demon deep inside Gabriel come roaring to the surface. Cassie has gathered all the things Gabriel told her to bring to him for her punishment, and is now giving her instructions for the ginger root, which of course Cassie isn’t going to want anything to do with.   The Demon Inside – A dark, paranormal, BDSM tale. *Warning, this gets a rough, hence the demon part.*   “I think not Cassie. My demon has yet to extract his pound of flesh and we haven’t even come […]