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Gerome The Kinky Gnome #DungeonCrawl 5 comments

Welcome to this week’s Dungeon Crawl, where you never can tell what you’re going to get. Gerome our Gnome was running free at camp while we were taking a nap. His ball gag is edible since it’s an M & M. He did have a raisin for a ball gag, but M & M’s are more delicious.  Now go get crawling to the rest of the Dungeon’s. [inlinkz_linkup id=405523 mode=1]

I is for Ice #SpankA2Z 4 comments

I is for Ice –   He called her to come back to him, her corner time at an end. Angie quickly reached up to swipe at her eyes, a last shred of pride making her wish to hide the tears her punishment had caused. The act was more automatic than anything else, for Alex was well aware of her tears, and Angie’s sniffling was a testament to them, even if she scrubbed the last traces away. She went and knelt before him, head bowed, heart aching, wanting nothing more than to wrap her arms around his legs and tell him again that she was sorry. The pride left inside didn’t blind her to the fact that she’d gone back on her word to honor and obey all the rules he’d set forth. His hand tilted her face up, the light spilling in from the open bathroom door illuminated her […]