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Welcome to this weeks Dungeon Crawl brought to you by Romancing The Kink, where kinky folks get together on Wednesdays and explore each others dungeons.

The Spanking Bench

People have been looking for a spanking bench and specs, so I thought I’d share pictures of how it was made. We had it custom made for Beauty to her measurements by Grandwood of Fetlife. He might be able to give you a better idea of how things were done. 

Bondage Bench 1 Bondage Bench 2 Bondage Bench 3 Bondage Bench 4 Bondage Bench 5 Bondage Bench 6

Get crawling to visit the rest of the Dungeons to see what goodies they have in store for you.

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12 thoughts on “RTK Dungeon Crawl ~ The Spanking Bench

  • LA Cloutier

    I think making devices such as this are more meaningful between the couples who share them. They can be tailored to one’s specific body structure and different levels of comfort. Amazing work, Jolynn. Have you giving it a whirl yet?

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      It was our first piece of furniture for kinky reasons. We actually got it when we still lived at the apartment and had a limited space for play. That’s why it flips up so you can have the spankee sitting. It has been whirled and rewhirled many times. thank for coming by.

  • shelly douglas

    Impressive, Jolynn! I see that you went to someone at Fetlife to construct this for you, but wouldn’t it be a riot to give measurements to a “vanilla” carpenter? I can’t even imagine the face 🙂

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      Yes, Grandwood made out cross too. No vanilla carpenter stories but the was a Jehovah Witness carpet cleaner who came to get the water out of and clean the carpet in the basement after we had a leak. We kind of tossed a sheet over the cross and hoped it looked like a weird artist easel.

    • JolynnRaymond Post author

      You’re quite welcome. I like showing what we have in the dungeon. People need to know that regular people have special furniture and it’s not all rooms that look like castle torture chambers and what not. Besides, it’s damn handy to just walk downstairs.

    • BeautysPunishment

      Welcome. We had to go to Grandwood’s house different times to get exact measurements. Plus he came to the apartment we had before we bought the house with it totally unassembled to put it all together again. He said it could hold an 800 pound gorilla, so apparently it’s pretty sturdy.

  • eenslaved

    I came here via the Dungeon Crawl! Wow, I loved seeing the process photos of how this spanking bench came to be—absolutely fascinating. Thanks for sharing these!

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