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24/7 vs. the Real World In this corner (pan to your right) we have the most magnificent leather clad Mistress, who can dominate her submissive with a single glance. And in this corner, (pan to your left) we have the somewhat harried looking, stressed out, and exhausted woman who just started a new job in the ‘real world’ and feels like she doesn’t have a dominant bone in her body, and doesn’t care to have one. Who will win this battle of strength/exhaustion, or will the two contenders find a way to merge their split personalities? Seriously, though, I feel like I’m torn in in half and must say goodbye to my dominant half because my new job has me crazy busy and completely exhausted 24/7 rather than being the dominant I want and need to be 24/7. Let me add a disclaimer that Beauty does not need to […]

24/7 vs. the Real World

be polite and have some manners 2 2 comments

Seriously? Kinky People Use Special Manners? by Jolynn Raymond Consider this a public service announcement on etiquette. I know I have written on the subject of what newbies into kink need to know, and I also know I’ve mentioned manners, but as new people arrive in my kink community every day, this needs to be addressed so those who are not in the know can be enlightened. If you’re poking around on Fetlife or Collarspace (<— Not a good place), you need manners even though those you meet on Collarspace may very well not be who they say. Collarspace is not a great go to place to meet real people into kink. Sorry, I could regress for hours on that evil. What I want you to know is: When approaching a woman on the internet be they a submissive or a dominant. DON’T hit on them with purely sexual emails, […]

Seriously? Kinky People Use Special Manners?

Dictionary definition of the word Bullying. 8 comments

Bullying Isn’t Just a Kid’s Sport Do you remember that kid when you were little, the one everyone avoided because if you caught his or her eye it meant impending doom? Maybe you were witness to or experienced first-hand the group of mean girls who thought they were better than everyone else was, and made life hell for the nerdy, shy people. What about the big kid who teases or beats up those weaker day after day, did you know him? Then there is the stereotypical group of jocks who stuff the loner or geek in his locker. I know, that particular act of bullying happens more often than not in the movies instead of real life, but it is an unfortunate reality that bullies exist, and there are a lot of people who can vouch for the cruelties of them. All of the above are profiles of bullies, but […]

Bullying Isn’t Just a Kid’s Sport

Muse ~ Uprising by i-maginatif-d3f9luf 29 comments

Change Is A Four Letter Word {Written by Jolynn Raymond} Change is just a word, but it can mean many different things to people. Some of us hate it, and some embrace it. I am one of the haters. Change does more than annoy me, it gives me anxiety, makes my head spin with the uncertainty of it, and is just plain unwelcome in my life. Perhaps it’s the dominant in me who must always be in control speaking up, or the memories of bad changes in my past keeping me from wanting to move forward. Either way, telling me there must be big changes in my life is a sure way to receive a nasty glare. I am well aware that there have been and will be great changes that come along. Meeting my soon to be all the way wife, Beauty, snowballed into a wonderful and life altering […]

Change Is A Four Letter Word

Gender Identity 3 comments

Due to an ugly incident in a Facebook group, I have decided to repost the article I wrote for the Hop Against Homophobia. I have friends who are gay, lesbian, gender fluid, transsexual, and many more. The point is people who feel one gender, but their body is another should be respected. It is their choice, their feelings, their decision. I do not know the pain of feeling I am in the wrong body. Whether one cross dresses, presents themselves as male or female with parts that don’t match, love persons of the same sex, or are brave enough and have the resources to change their body to match who they are, it is their right to state and request how they wish to be addressed. I would never use the male name of a friend who lives as a female. I would never tell someone that they can go […]

The Power of A Whisper #Genderfluid

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This Is How I Poly. Guest Post by Jack aka Tamed @Jack_of_hearts7 There are certain ideas, certain concepts that I have long wanted to communicate clearly and concisely to partners, potential partners, lovers, FWBs, or people that I have complex relationships with that I do not have a name for. Sometimes though, I find myself, for whatever reason, unable to clearly articulate them. I may make additions to this list as it occurs to me to do so. In no particular order of importance… Point the First: I don’t place my relationships on a hierarchy. It is true, I am married and rather happily so. And sometimes the people I am involved with naturally assume that means that my spouse will always “out rank” them in terms of importance in my life. That is not true. While he is my “primary” partner, “primary” in this instance means that my life […]

This Is How I Poly. ~ Guest Post by Jack

Monkeying Around MTKF 2011 - 4 34 comments

The Fun, the Serious, and the In Between in BDSM Those who follow my posts on BDSM know that there are some things that make me very serious, in fact, the majority of my teachings contain little humor, but that isn’t true for everything. I love to laugh. Who doesn’t? They say laughter is good for any number things, and it can actually boost your metabolism. I guess if I want to lose my excessive curves I need to sit and laugh from morning until night. That would be such fun, but the day job won’t allow for it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t find humor in my kinky lifestyle. Even so, we are going to begin with the serious, and work our way to the fun so I can leave you smiling. The Serious – Ethics – Though I can be a happy caring sadist, I do my […]

The Fun, the Serious, and the In Between in BDSM

Jack - Jack's Guide To Sexorz Like a Boss

Jack’s Guide to Doin’ the Sexorz Like A Boss by Jack @Jack_of_hearts7 I see a lot of “guides” floating around the Fetsphere on how to improve one’s sexual technique. Generally these things focus on oral sex (either blow jobs or cunnilingus), and they’re typically, but not always, written by men. Some of them are helpful, and some of them are about as useful as tits on a bull. Generally though, they’re very heteronormative. These are just things I like to focus on as a queer person. Even if you’ve slept with a person with similar anatomy before, not everyone’s body works the same way, and not everyone likes the same sensation. This is SO important. I’ve seen other “guides” mention that not all women are the same. Kudos on that to the people who have written those, because it’s true. But NOBODY’S body works exactly the same way as another person’s. […]

Jack’s Guide to Doin’ the Sexorz Like A Boss #SexGuide

audio orgasm

DJing at Kink Events by Spike72 It’s no secret that I have been Djing and MCing at quite a few kinky events over the past few years: Madtown Kinkfest, Grind, the on-hiatus ForPlay, Kinky Kollege, and recently Sabbat de Sade. Hell, I even hosted “kinky karaoke” at Twisted Tryst once. DJing is my chosen profession now, and honestly, even with the slow growth my business has been having I have been pleasantly satisfied at the amount of exposure and gigs I’ve been getting. I think I’m ok at what I do; I still have some learning to do, but that means I can only go up from here. DJing at kink events is its own reward for the most part, because like other members of a kink-con staff I donate my time, equipment and talent. Just like any gig, I am aware that not everyone is going to appreciate the […]

DJing at Kink Events by Spike72