Spanking A To Z Challenge

Z is for Zillion #Kinky #SpankA2Z

  Is for Zillion If you hunt around the internet, go to munches, become part of discussion groups, or even attend big BDSM events where they have classes, you will see, hear, and learn about a zillion things having to do with kink. Information varies depending who is giving it because naturally, their viewpoints are slanted toward how the topic of conversation effects them. Masters, tops, dominants, Lords, Mistresses, Queens, Ladies, Sirs, Daddy’s, and Ma’ams are all on the controlling side of the fence, slaves, submissives, babygirls, brats, bottoms, adult babies, and the like are on the side that wish to be controlled. Switches and kinksters are in the middle, and anyone can enjoy giving or receiving impact play, inflicting pain, giving sensations, or bondage. All that is my attempt to lead up to what I feel are the vital things I have learned in my ten plus years of […]

Y is for Yellow or Know Your Safety Words #SpankA2Z 4 comments

Know Your Safewords Y is for yellow, and it also for one of the colors used almost globally during BDSM play. Yellow, though not often heard about or used in fiction BDSM books is important, and so is knowing how your partner feels when they answer “yellow” when asked what color they are feeling. There are many people who don’t feel a ‘true’ submissive or slave needs a safe word, many dominants who believe that having a safe word shows a lack of trust in their bottom. I’m not going to go into all of the reasons why I do believe in safe words, but I will say that I use the color code system EVERY TIME I play with a new partner. This is not because I don’t have faith in my ability to read someone. This is not because I want to be able to push my bottom […]

X is for Xanax #SpankA2Z 2 comments

Wish You Were Here   X is for Xanax Mama hedgehog has left the city life behind and taken her son on a camping trip complete with a campfire, picnic dinner, and of course a guitar for singing campfire songs. She’s so relaxed that she doesn’t even miss her daily Xanax, so X is for Xanax. Yes, we are utterly ridiculous. We couldn’t pass up these cute knick knacks and will be buying them the retro 70’s camper that goes with them soon so they will have some place cushy to sleep. Trot on over to the rest of the Spankers to see what they are up to.   

V is for Vacation #SpankA2Z 4 comments

  Summers are made for vacations and vacations are made for getting away from the craziness of the city and escaping to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Right now it is quiet, peaceful, and dark, We just got back to the hotel from dinner and shopping to find the power is out. The sun is setting and it’s our last source of light, but fear not, there is always the battery in the computer and the iPhone that can be turned into a WiFi hot spot. We are in northern Indiana where my father grew up. Shipshawana to be exact. He grew up on a farm in Blufton but it’s boring there. Shipshawana is Amish country. There will be a huge flea market tomorrow, and an antique auction on Wednesday, and lots of food. Maybe not everyone’s choice for a relaxing vacation, but being away from the city and eating yummy […]

U is for the Underwear Adventure #SpankA2Z 1 comment

U is for the Underwear Adventure The other day Jolynn said I could go and by my yearly batch of underpants at Victoria’s Secret since they were having a sale. The sale price was five for $26.50. On their website it says any five panties, not certain ones. I go to the store and pick out my five underpants. I had to take ones from out of the drawer at the bottom of the display, since they only had medium on the display table. I go to check out, and the girl says that the ones I picked out were not on sale, and was not going to give me the sale price. I stood there and fussed at her until she did. There is no way I am going to pay $10.50 for one pair of everyday underpants. So technically I paid $32.81 with tax included for six pairs, since […]

S is for Spanking and T is for Travel #SpankA2Z 1 comment

The Spankings Will Continue Until The Suitcases Are Packed Jolynn and I are going on vacation next week, and there will be trouble for me if I don’t have my suitcases packed and ready to go. I never know what I want to wear until the last minute, and usually want to take too many clothes along. She said this saying below when we were talking about it the other day. This is a week out in the country for Jolynn so she can relax. There will be the largest flea market in the Midwest, a farmers market, auctions, and eating. We’re bringing along the wagon so we don’t have to carry a ton of stuff, or apparently you can rent a wagon.  See what the rest of the Spankers are up to.

R is for Role – What is a Man’s Role at a CFNM? #SpankA2Z 39 comments

R is for Role – What Is A Man’s Role at a CNFM Party? On occasion I still receive mail from a man who has stumbled across a post about CFNM (clothed female, nude male) I made on Fetlife some time ago. I am well aware that there are MANY men who fantasies about serving at a CFNM party, and that in those fantasies they are made to do all sorts of things that turn them on. It is their fantasy, and they are more than welcome to it. We each have images in our heads that touch the very core of our sexuality and turn up the thermostat inside. The problem that comes with our attempt to live out those fantasies is that the other people in them don’t necessarily act in the way we dreamed about. The post that I have copied and pasted here is really a […]

P is for Pussy #Bondage #SpankA2Z 3 comments

P is for Pussy Over the last few weeks I’ve revealed little bits of me. Feet, hand, legs and torso. I began thinking that perhaps it’s time to show you something a bit more erotic, so here is my pussy. Just a little tease to show you my pussy cat. This is when we had Sir Weiland come over to do our hair for the collaring and wedding ceremony. Abbey decided that she wanted that rope, and wasn’t giving it up. You can visit the rest of the Spankers after you catch your breath.