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A2Z Spanking Blog Challenge

B – Is for Bruises

Many a masochist or spanking lover has stood backwards before a mirror trying to see the beautiful bruises left behind from their chastisement. They are the colorful testament to the strong feelings that rise up inside during a spanking or paddling and remind the one who was spanked of all the warring sensations that went through them, pain, pleasure, humiliation and a feeling of being care for and loved as well, while they were punished for their wrongs. Sitting upon the lovely bruises reminds them of their spanking each time they sit, and they stain one’s bottom purple, blue and red like a colorful badge of honor that speaks of being cherished.

spanking bruise

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7 thoughts on “A Colorful Bottom is a Beautiful Thing #SpankA2Z

  • Jolynn Raymond

    Thank you all. Opinions vary greatly from one person to the next as can be verified by the responses here. I am woefully behind in my replies so please forgive my group thank you.

  • Holla Dean

    I think everyone takes a look at their backside in the mirror after a spanking. It’s sort of a ritual, isn’t it. I don’t care for bruises but sometimes they just happen. Raised welts, red stripes, and hand prints are fine.

  • Thianna D

    I’m one of the few who hates bruises of any kind. If they show up on my body, I usually glare at the top who left them.

    I enjoy the discomfort afterward and the ache the next day or two, but bruises? Oh, they’re likely to make me go mental.

    I always say “Marks are fine, welts are fine, bruises are not.”

  • one2please

    B- is for Bruises, I do agree about looking in the mirror for bruises is one of the best things after a good spanking. I want to see them as soon as they appear.

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