Daily Archives: June 3, 2014

D ~ Is For Display #SpankA2Z 9 comments

D – Display – There is nothing lovelier than a well spanked bottom put on display. Paddle that naughty bum to a beautiful shade of crimson and then send your bad girl to the corner with her hands on her head and her panties lowered to just above the knees. If you make her spread her legs so they are tightly stretched, she will be even more aware that her panties are pulled down but very much still there. Go and see what the rest of the Spankers are up to.

C ~ Is For Carnal #SpankA2Z 10 comments

~~~~~~~~ C – Carnal – Those of us who have embraced our sexuality as a positive thing, have opened the door to so many more carnal pleasures than those who view sex, and our most primitive needs, as a bad thing. Just the word carnal conjures images in my brain. It speaks of things that are perhaps taboo to those who feel sex is something wicked or shameful. Embrace your carnal urges, set them free and explore. Practice safe sex, keep things consensual at all times, and learn about what it is you wish to do before jumping in head first. I hope this blog challenge will become something that both stimulates and sparks creative urges. Explore your sexuality from A – anal to Z – zap (electrical play), and spice up your life in both the bedroom and in your relationships. Take notes, pencil in new things to learn […]