B.O.B – He Fits Just Like A Glove #MasturbationMonday 3 comments

B.O.B. – He Fits Just Like A Glove #MasturbationMonday I found this fun video that you can sing along to by Macy Gray. It’s about B.O.B her battery operated boyfriend. The song was released this past summer as an ode to her vibrator. It seems like she’s written quite a few risque songs over time. You can sing along with this song also.  Make some time to pop over to the rest of the folks participating in Week 67 of Masturbation Monday. Masturbation Monday

Hell In A Hand Basket #Stress

Hell In A Hand Basket #Stress Since the world seems like it’s going to Hell in a hand basket everyday I’ve decided to take up adult coloring. I bought two books the other day and one of them I really like. It’s called Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest & Coloring Book by Johanna Basford. The book itself is thick and of heavier stock and the pictures are really pretty. There are two other books from her called Secret Garden and Lost Ocean and good chance I will get those next. The other one I have now is from Creative Haven Art Nouveau Animal Designs; it’s ok so far for $4. The colored pencil set I bought is Prang with fifty colors that are pre-sharpened and were $11 when they were purchased. It seemed like quite a few people favored the Prismacolor brand, but they were a little expensive at the moment. I […]

Lessons of Love Kindle Countdown #SALE – Dec. 12th – 15th #Spanking

Lessons of Love Lessons of Love Kindle Countdown #SALE – Dec. 12th – 15th #Spanking This once a year Kindle Countdown Sale for Lessons of Love: An Erotic Historical Romance starts Saturday December 12th through the 15th at .99 cents for 24 hours, $1.99 for 24 hours, $2.99 for 24 hours and then back to regular price. It is my birthday gift to you. {Never mind how old I am either.} Disclaimer – This is a dark erotic romance that contains spanking, and a dangerous anti-hero who must be redeemed before he and Jolie can find love. Lessons of Love is an old fashion bodice ripper, full of passionate love scenes full of fire, and old fashioned discipline for those who refuse to obey. One with a beautiful, spirited heroine, and a dark, cruel rogue whose heart must be tamed. He weds her, and the battle of wills begins. One that […]

Jolynn’s Writing Update #AmWriting

Jolynn’s Writing Update #AmWriting As my lovely wife mentioned, I have about four stories that are all fighting for time in my very vivid and sometimes twisted thing called my mind. Muse has been very busy whispering plots in my ear, but I simply haven’t had time to write. Never fear, I have a three week holiday in a couple of weeks, and aside from the mandated family time for the holidays, I plan on writing! This is what I have going on in my very crowded brain. Flame of my Heart – Civil war tale minus gory battles and plus the Native Americans who played a big role in the goings on. Our heroine hates high society and is quite happy when she lands in the arms of a man who is of mixed blood and very important to the war. Silken Peril – Our heroine is based very […]

Jolynn’s Book Writing Progress So Far #AmWriting

Jolynn’s Book Writing Progress So Far #AmWriting You may be wondering to yourself, “I wonder what that Jolynn Raymond is up to now”? She has four books that she is trying to put down in Word documents that are trying to jump out of her head, and will have more time to write in about two weeks when Christmas vacation starts. A couple months ago I bought her a floppy disc drive that you can plug into one of your USB ports on your computer. The one we got works pretty well actually. It’s made by Chuanganzhuo, and it was a toss up between this one and the Sabrent that happens to be the best seller. I sat and read a bunch of Amazon reviews to be sure I was getting the right one. You may be thinking, why would anyone need a floppy drive when there is so much new […]

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pass the Pumpkin Pie 3 comments

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pass the Pumpkin Pie And so another holiday season is upon us. It seems like yesterday that I was writing my Christmas post. Time marches at a steady pace, sometimes seemingly with wings, as we zip through our lives, just working to get each day taken care of. We are a nation that has the speed limit pushed to the max. There never seems to be time for family. I am guilty of this. Each week it’s hurry, hurry, and the weekend is sit and work, sit and work. But then comes the time of year that is meant to be spent with family. Oh, there are other holidays where we sit down and share the love, but not like the months between late October and the start of a new year. This is the time we set aside each year and see those we […]

My Take on the Cordless Hitachi #Orgasms

My Take on the Cordless Hitachi #Orgasms Before we went to Kinky Kollege in October I had went to a class with a friend at the Tool Shed on the East side of Milwaukee. After the class I picked up a corded Hitachi since the motor in ours is not the best when its running. Maybe it’s just a loose connection, but we needed a new one. Jolynn had said get the same one we had gotten before, and I did. It never made it out of the box until we got to KK and it’s not got quite enough kick for me. So it went back in the box, and we went downstairs to where the vendors were at KK, and one of them happened to have the cordless Hitachi, so we got that one. He also had a silver metal Hitachi that I was coveting, but I could […]

Kindle Countdown Sale ~ Sweet Agony and Dark Obsessions #BDSM

Kindle Countdown Sale ~ Sweet Agony and Dark Obsessions #BDSM Kindle Countdown Deal for Sweet Agony and Dark Obsessions on Amazon starts this Saturday, November 21 to Monday, the 23rd from 8am PST. It’ll be .99 cents for 24 hours, $1.99, for 24 hours and then back to regular price. Click on the book covers to take you to Amazon. Sweet Agony is a collection of erotic BDSM scenes. There is no long build-up of surrounding story line, just snap shots of real life erotic M/f, BDSM play. That is not to say the stories are purely porn without a plot. The characters are fleshed out, there is dialog, and there is enough backstory to become intimately connected to the participants in each scene as well as creating an emotional connection between the players themselves. The reader joins each couple just prior to the BDSM scene taking place, or at the […]

Dining In #WickedWednesday 6 comments

Dining In #WickedWednesday Mia struggled as she came through the back door balancing three full bags of groceries. She dropped her keys as one of the bags threatened to spill, tightening her arm around it, as she tried to swing the door shut. She growled in frustration, as the bags began to slip, then kicked the door closed behind her instead. She reached the table just as the paper sack clutched in her fingers ripped, sending oranges rolling across the floor. She dumped the rest of the bags on the table with a curse and a grimace, then gathered up the wayward fruit and quickly put the food away, finally spying the note resting on the kitchen counter. Her expression turned from a scowl to one of delight as she read Ethan’s instructions. Kitten,   Follow the trail of roses and read each message along the way. I have some […]