#FREE for Five Days – Taken: Beneath The Shadows of Evil #Vampire

#FREE for Five Days – Taken: Beneath The Shadows of Evil #Vampire

If you ever wanted to start reading the Beneath The Shadows of Evil Trilogy, and want to start your Memorial Day weekend now, Taken is FREE for five days starting today. It will make you feel.

In the beginning there is Taken. Alliana is a young Gypsy woman stolen from her family, she was to be used and discarded, but fate had other ideas. Mikhal is the cruel and evil vampire lord with ideas of being feared and causing terror for all of time, but destiny rarely goes as planned.

Taken, Beneath the Shadows of Evil Book One is a dark paranormal love story set in the 1500’s of medieval Hungary. Life is harsh, and the destitute are often crushed under the heels of the those with power. The story is one that begins with terror and cruelty, for being poor made one helpless to fight those who were titled. Mikhal the Merciless is one such Lord. His title is Lord Mikhal Arcos, but all who live under his thumb know him by his darker name, for Mikhal the Merciless is pure evil. He is a rich and heartless Lord, who has a taste for blood and cruelty. Many suspect his true origins but cannot act against him. His serfs are but toys, their lives meaningless, their hardships ignored. Mikhal and his sister Marishka have dark desires and evil needs for they are no longer human, and their thirst for blood and terror supersedes all else.

Alliana is a young Gypsy girl whose decision to steal apples to feed her hungry clan has life altering consequences. When Mikhal happens upon her one night on his land and catches her in the act, he decides he must have her for his own. Alliana is taken from her family and her very way of life. In the blink of an eye, the young Gypsy woman finds herself trapped among evil behind towering castle walls with no way to escape. She has been brought to the castle of horrors to be kept by the dark vampire lord who has malevolent plans for his new Gypsy bride for It is rumored that Alliana holds great magic within and will bring those around her much wealth and power when she comes of age. She is her clan’s treasured golden child, and her loss devastates her Gypsy family.

With the magical help of his sister Marishka, Mikhal the Merciless plans to create a son with the wild Gypsy, one who will help him rule the earth as he lives out his life of eternity, a plan that has no room for Alliana once she has borne him his son. Will Alliana’s innocence shatter the fierceness of Mikhal’s heart and drive the cruelty from him, or will he cast her aside once she gives him what he seeks?
In a time when women had no say in their lives, Alliana must fight her new husband’s cruel intent while holding on to her will to survive against the evil that seeks to crush her soul. Defiance brings horrors that only her evil vampire husband can conceive of, for his empty soul is painted black. Alliana is a woman caught in a vicious web of dark magic, alone and lost, her Gypsy ways torn from her, her spirit trampled. Mikhal is a dark anti-hero who will fill you with loathing long before he catches your heart. Their path to love is pierced by thorns that tear at the heart. It winds through darkness, for evil vampires have no wish to love, and cruel acts once done are not easily forgotten. Taken will take you along on their journey steeped in dark magic, and send you on a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows, as Alliana and Mikhal fight to survive beneath the shadows of evil.


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