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Eat Pumpkin Pie

Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pass the Pumpkin Pie

And so another holiday season is upon us. It seems like yesterday that I was writing my Christmas post. Time marches at a steady pace, sometimes seemingly with wings, as we zip through our lives, just working to get each day taken care of. We are a nation that has the speed limit pushed to the max. There never seems to be time for family. I am guilty of this. Each week it’s hurry, hurry, and the weekend is sit and work, sit and work. But then comes the time of year that is meant to be spent with family. Oh, there are other holidays where we sit down and share the love, but not like the months between late October and the start of a new year. This is the time we set aside each year and see those we hold dear. This is the time we see those who may live far and wide. This is the time to gather together and remember that even though Uncle Joe may be kind of a creeper, his wife and kids are among those we cherish, so can we all just sit down, shut up about that blue light special, and take time to pass the pumpkin pie?

Along with being a nation of those who never slow down, we are a nation of consumers, and getting that great deal has become the most important task on Thanksgiving. For decades, Thanksgiving was the official start of the holiday season. We divvy up the time, deciding whose family goes where and when, and it resulted in times shared with good food, lazy after feast catching up knowing pie awaited when you had a chance to digest, and maybe a quick nap as you doze in the recliner. You could count on a good family movie being on TV, the sound of clean up in the kitchen as those who labor chatter, and football. Unfortunately the face of Thanksgiving has changed, and instead of time spent with loved and not so loved ones, it is a day to shovel in that meal, kiss grandma on the cheek, wave goodbye to all, and head for the store. By God, there is shopping to do, because along with winter, Christmas is coming. (Cue the dramatic sound clip that precedes the onset of doom).

I am mad. Our kid is employed by a big box store, and he has to work today. We couldn’t firm up plans because they couldn’t even put out the schedule early so the families in waiting could set a time to eat. It is beyond comprehension to me why my kid has to rush to work today. It’s Thanksgiving. Tradition, food, family! Who the hell decided that the whole black Friday thing wasn’t enough? I don’t imagine their loved ones will have to rush off to work. Last year there were a few protests by employees of one of the box stores because they knew it wasn’t right. Leaving your family on a national holiday that is meant to give thanks and take time to treasure how rich our lives really are, is wrong. They didn’t want to leave their families, and I don’t want my kid to have to leave either. This is the holiday that is uniquely ours, and we’ve turned it into a feeding frenzy just to get a great deal on that TV or Ipad. Oh, I know people perpetuate the madness by actually going to those places that force their employees to work, but I will stand on my soapbox and cry foul because it sucks. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are enough people. Let my kid have time for pie.


Shutting up now and moving on to what is important. I am thankful for…

My mom. The queen mother is 89 and going strong. We’ve had some not so fun adventures this past year, but I will still sit down at the table with the woman I love most in the world.

My wife. Being listed second doesn’t land her in second place. Beauty is my rock. Life would be empty and turned inside out if I didn’t have my wife to treasure.

Freedom to marry. We got married all the way this past July. Legal in all aspects for two forevers.

A change of job. No one should be miserable 8 hours a day.

A home.

Plenty to eat.

The unconditional love from our pets.

My Loyal Lesbian. (Curious? There’s a post about him.)

A mind that is sometimes dark and often twisted, but hold lots of imagination and allows me to travel far away.

A big tub to soak in when the day is done. Chocolate, strawberries, a wife who always kisses me good night. A warm coat, pumpkin pie, two granddaughters though we hardly ever see them. Beautiful place that are too many to count, the love of reading, quiet bed and breakfasts with fireplaces, champagne, and romance. I’d better stop before I launch into a verse of “My Favorite Things”.

Treat each other well, and take time for family, even weird Uncle Joe and deaf Auntie Flo, who still pinches your cheek even though you are 50. Family is family by blood or by ties, so stop, put down the electronics, smile and mean it when you ask your cousin how they have been while passing the pie, and for Heaven’s sake, try to spend one whole evening with your family. The stores will wait. I have already been hearing about the real ‘real’ Black Friday sales so that Chia pet shaped like Donald Trump will still be on sale along with a million other things when you wake up in the morning.


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