If the Bra Fits, by all Means, Wear it! Thanks Livi Rae #LiviRaeLingerie 1 comment

If the Bra Fits, by all Means, Wear it! Thanks Livi Rae

Awhile back there was a TV program called Double Divas that featured two gals who own a lingerie store in Atlanta. Now considering the content and a title like that it could very easily been a show that was like so many reality TV shows today. The thing is, it wasn’t at all, and that’s why we were hooked right away. My goal as a sex and kink blogger has always been to educate not titillate, and these gals do the same. They work their asses off providing help for women of all sizes find bras and other pretty things. That may not seem like a hard thing to do, but as a woman who strives to embrace her curves, Molly and Cynthia of Livi Rae, the women who put the Divas in Double Divas, provide a much-needed service. As a sex blogger super hero, I am giving them honorary capes to don, because they truly deserve them.

Now the premise of Double Divas, two women who carry lingerie for large-breasted women could have gone to the side of trashy, been all about boobs, showing lots of cleavage, focusing on the sexy aspect, but it wasn’t. Each episode of the show featured real women with real bodies and real issues. Those issues ranged from being very shy about their bodies but wanting to look and feel pretty, being a woman who is not very feminine but needing to feel pretty and sexy for their wedding day, women who have curves who struggle to embrace their plus size bodies, to those with breasts that go way beyond a size you can find at those places with pretty lacy things in the mall. Each and every one of us needs to feel good about our bodies and have a bra that is supportive, AND pretty. We need to feel beautiful no matter our size, because honestly when I venture into Victoria’s Secret my self- image plunges. Those frilly sexy things are not for me. Kathy {aka Beauty} was told that they didn’t even stock her size of panties at the store, and bras, oh no, let me tell you, those sexy bras for their ‘angels’ are not meant for us big gals.

When we decided to go to Atlanta and the surrounding areas to do a reconnaissance mission to investigate the area as a possible place to live when I retire, we knew we had to go to Livi Rae. Molly and Cynthia had been in our living room hugging and helping women of all shapes and sizes on the TV so many times, that we knew we had to meet them in person. Now the motivation behind the visit was to get our own hugs, but we also were in need of help in the bra department. I wanted a bra that didn’t stab me under the arm or in the ribs. I have tried underwire bras, and they hurt. The wire settles into the crease under my breast, and I am ready to fling the thing off in an hour or less. Every time I try to find a pretty or sexy bra to match a corset I want to wear at an event, the only thing I can find are underwire bras. When I am at an event, I am active. I flog, paddle, zap, and move about and it isn’t long before that underwire bra is killing me. And this dear readers is where Molly and Cynthia come in. Does pretty and supportive have to hurt? The answer is a great big no.

We scheduled appointments and literally rescheduled part of our vacation so we could be fitted by the Double Divas, and boy was it worth it. When we arrived the store was like a busy beehive. Everyone was in motion, I mean really in motion. They were zipping about so fast it would make your head spin. They accept walk-ins, but I would definitely recommend an appointment. The staff is large enough to accommodate everyone, but as Molly told us, they need a bigger space. It didn’t feel cramped, and we never felt rushed, it’s just that so many ladies come seeking help, and their stock is huge because of the wide variety of sizes they carry. They have 8-10 dressing rooms and the staff pop in and out, putting bras, corsets, and other frilly things on the patrons, getting a read on the size that is just right and what each lady is seeking. Support? Sexy? Comfortable? Smooth under thin tops? A make you feel pretty bra? They have you covered.

Before I go on I want to relate one other thing, I keep using the term ladies, but Molly and Cynthia do not judge, and they will help cross dressers and trans guys/gals. We had been at an Atlanta munch the night before our visit and met BlossomingPetal, a man/woman who feels much more comfortable as a woman. He related an experience where the Double Divas had come to a transsexual convention and helped every one find bras and undergarments that were just right. He said they were so great. No one judged, and Molly and Cynthia were super. I told Molly about his comments, and we chatted as she fitted me. She seriously doesn’t condemn anyone for the sexuality you choose, and will assist anyone. One note here, though. If someone gives off the creeper vibe, she will use the utmost caution. Cross dressing and trans men do not equal sexual predator. If you do go seeking to find lingerie that makes you feel pretty and feminine, they will help. If you are a creeper who just gets off on wearing women’s things that is fine for you, but if you give off the vibe of just wanting to get off sexually, they have the right to say no or to use any precaution they need to feel safe.

Now we jump back to our fitting. We were taken to a dressing room, and Kathy sat down, and Molly popped in and asked how comfortable I was being bare-chested, and I assured her I wasn’t shy. She then told me to lose the shirt and zipped out to join the other worker bees helping ladies. She came back in, and I was in my jeans and bra. She said “Oh that’s sad honey, sad, sad, sad.” judged my size with her eye, and was gone again. Oh, we got our hugs in here too.

She came back with bras, and we talked about what I was looking for. I had no issue telling her the truth. I mean the whole truth. I told her we go to a lot of kink events, and I have trouble with looking look but feeling good too. We talked about corsets, my bra size, curves, and life. Molly is very easy to talk to. She is open and honest. She is also great at what she does. It turns out I am a size 36 G. I told her about the pain issue with underwires, and she told me it was just because they weren’t the right size, and she was right. The 36 G was not the band or cup size I had been wearing, and neither were the pretty underwire bras I was fitted for at other stores. Lane Bryant does have bras for large women, but they do not have the expertise nor the size variety.

I have had breast issues since gravity began the inevitable and my large perky boobs of my late teen, and early twenties began going south. Even when they were perky, the cup size was hard to find, and the straps would dig into my shoulders. The bras Molly brought fit so well. I didn’t feel the underwire and let me tell you, I danced about and mimicked the movements of swinging a flogger, bending to pick up new implements, paddling, etc. The bra stayed in place, and the underwire never sank into the crease under my breasts, and they were pretty! They have such a variety to choose from, and Molly has a great eye for what will be super flattering. She brought in a corset I had my eye on when I was out in the store. I knew it was sexy when I saw it, and Molly knew without our having a conversation about it that it would look great. The only problem we had was trying to choose. I will tell you now that their bras are pricey. I will also tell you that you get what you pay for, and those of us who are ample need high-quality bras.

Kathy had an appointment with Cynthia, and she popped in to say hello and to give hugs as well. She wanted to check in on us and make sure we were getting what we needed. Since we were both in one dressing room, Molly had us covered, and after I was done, she moved on to Kathy. Kathy’s bra was deemed to be on death’s door, and we all laughed at that. Zip Molly was out and moving around the store with the worker bees and then zip she was back with some great bras. Kathy and I are almost the same sizes, but our bodies are a little different. One she brought for Kathy was a super sexy pink and black satin bra that had me saying oh yes, we have to have that. I will reiterate by just saying wow! She also brought in a bra that is smooth under thin tops that I deemed great and that I wanted as well.

We talked of bras, lifestyles, needs, the wish to educate and my books, life with ex-husbands, honesty, and the need to always communicate. Molly just gives off that same vibe as Kathy does. You feel comfortable opening up and sharing what you keep from others. I never would have told a sales lady at one of the other stores about my activities in kink. Both Cynthia and Molly feel like friends, and even though they were busy as hell, they never made us feel rushed. There was time to talk, time to find the perfect bras, time to get it just right. Our experience was simply awesome.

Other things I want to share because they are important:

  1. There were women there that were very large and who had really large breasts that I just know cause backaches, pinching issues, and all sorts of discomfort. I heard the cup size of K being mentioned. They really can fit you if you have a large body and super-sized breasts.
  2. They can fit you if you are very tiny and make what you have look great, or fit you if you are small in stature but large in breast.
  3. They will fit men who need to feel pretty because they feel as if they are in the wrong body, or just feel much more themselves dressed as a woman.
  4. You really should make an appointment.
  5. Do your best to lose the body shyness. They will need to fit you, and the best way is to have them put the bra on you. Molly has you face away from her and bend over just a bit as she gets your breasts into the cups. It is okay to be nude from the waist up. Really it is, even if you had a poor self-image, it’s okay. No one is judging you at Livi Rae.
  6. Molly and Cynthia are experts. They are also friendly, funny, and sweet. There are a lot of “honey”, “sweeties” tossed around as they talk to you. Kathy didn’t care for that from the other gals who worked there who were a good deal younger than us. It was not an issue at all with Molly and Cynthia because they are close to our age, but Kathy didn’t feel it was proper for the younger gals to use the terms. I didn’t mind it because I think they wish to be personable when they don’t know your name. Like I said, Livi Rae is a busy beehive, and it is impossible to pop in and out at the speed of light and remember names.
  7. You will have a very hard time choosing. I told Kathy ahead of time that we were getting one bra That did not happen. I have a beautiful blue lace bra with matching panties, the leopard corset with matching panties, and the super smooth bra for under thin tops. Kathy has the pink satin bra and panties that makes me drool, the super smooth bra, and a lovely lacy beige bra. There were things we wanted but did not buy because of our budget.
  8. They will make alterations. We have to run back and get my corset because it is being taken in so it fits me like a glove. They will also alter your bras when they get stretchy.
  9. They have special lingerie washing liquid and specific instructions that you need to follow to get the best out of your purchases. Like I said, they are experts. We plan on listening to them because we want our bras to last.
  10. Some reviewers are unhappy because they tell you to wear the bra for two weeks but then won’t allow returns if the bras are worn. To that, I say have honest communication with them might be what is needed. I cannot speak on this because I haven’t experienced it. I do know that they respond to reviews and want to make things right.

So go forth ladies and experience Molly, Cynthia, and Livi Rae if you are ever in the Atlanta area. They are worth the trip. We love our bras, and the experience was fabulous. We had fun, had serious conversations that felt like heart to hearts, hugs, and perfect fits. These ladies know their stuff, and they are wonderful. Their goal is to help women feel pretty no matter the size, and that is exactly what they do.  Thank you, Molly and Cynthia. We love you and think you look fabulous in your honorary super hero capes.

P.S. I have worn my smooth tee shirt/thin fabric top bra for over 9 hours of shopping and dinner, and it is still comfortable. No pain from the underwire, and I like what I see in the mirror.

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