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My Writing Process – Blog Tour

    My muse can be the death of me or whisper ideas that take my mind on an incredible journey. The question often arises about how I write, so I figured this blog hop would shed a little light on my darkly twisted, often kinky, and wonderful Muse, and how I put onto paper what she whispers in my ear. First things first. I have been tagged in this blog by the wonderful and talented Sotia Lazu  I’ve known Sotia for a good while now and we both began to grow into the writers that we are around the same time. Her romances offer a good deal of heat, but also contain characters who are real. They make mistakes, they are far from perfect, and yet even with those flaws, they find love. I like her style because none of us are perfect and yet so many romances have a hero and heroine […]

Saturday Spanks ~ The Ballet #SatSpanks

The following snippet is taken from the short story titled “The Ballet”. It is in my Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions book. Dark Obsessions is a collection of F/f erotic BDSM short stories.   All of the stories in Dark Obsessions stem from real life happenings in my life, therefore they are told as a narrative from my point of view. There is even a story staring Beauty, but that is for a different day. We come into the scene as Hannah and her Mistress are attending the ballet. They have what can best be described as  Mommy Mistress and babygirl relationship. Hannah has been fidgety all evening and her behavior has annoyed her Mistress. Her mistress does however, have just the thing for her wayward girl to help keep her focused on both the performance and the spanking she’s going to receive when she gets home. Hannah’s mistress has just removed a butt plug and a tube of Icy Hot from her […]

Author Spotlight ~ Kayla Lords

Author Spotlight on Kayla Lords Today we welcome Kayla on our Author Spotlight Series. You may already know her from her adventures in Blogging, or from her book. I see her going places with her drive, and her writing. Bio: I discovered my love of writing at age seven and my sexual fantasies long before I reached adulthood. Now instead of experiencing sexual daydreams, I write them down and publish them for others to enjoy. I write BDSM-themed erotica with a focus on dominance and submission (D/s). I not only want to turn my readers on, but I want them to realize that D/s is more than just a kink and isn’t scary or degrading. An avid blogger, tweeter, and talker, I love interacting with my readers as much as possible! Blurb for The Adventures of Sir and Babygirl: Katie, a blogger recovering from a broken heart, has sworn off […]

Daddy and Babygirl Relationships by Paul Rulof (RuleOfThree) 9 comments

While we have had several other Daddy/babygirl posts, the subject seems to be popular, and I have had a number of quality guest posts offered up by those who practice this lifestyle, therefore I feel it is important to post all of them. I hope this post will offer even more insight into this kind of relationship. The Daddy/Babygirl relationship style is becoming more popular, but is frequently misunderstood in the alternative sexuality community.  Just like any relationship, the specifics are often different between couples, but I’ll tell you a little bit about me and my relationships. Daddies I am a Daddy Dominant.  By being a Daddy, I take a protecting, nurturing, caring, guiding, and disciplining role in relationships.   This makes me feel satisfied and happy. The Dominant part means that I largely shape or guide the relationship, offer the options, and am in control.  One of the most important traits […]

RTK Dungeon Crawl ~ BDSM Toys and Uses 18 comments

  Today’s Dungeon Crawl is brought to you by Romancing The Kink’s Trent Evan’s and Sheri Savill. Okay everyone, gather round. It’s time for show and tell. I don’t know a dominant who doesn’t love to show off their toys. When we went to an event across the country, I couldn’t wait to show off the unique stuff I’d found there. Vending is a big part of most big kink events, and I find way too many things I want and usually give in to the urge to buy them. Some people spend money on skis, hunting stuff, sports equipment, or other hobbies, I love to collect and use BDSM toys. I am a sadist. That means I get a rush or thrill from giving pain. That actually doesn’t make me a bad person because I only give pain to people wh0 like it. I am quite willing to temper my hand and […]

What is That For?

It’s time to crawl again, so get on your knees. Wednesday is Dungeon Crawl day. Floggers, paddles, canes, wands, what are those for and why do you have so many? My dungeon is full of toys. Tomorrow’s dungeon crawl will cover the types of toys and what they are for. I have lots of floggers, a wide variety of paddles, canes galore, and more. Why do I need so many, what the heck is that thing, and what are those pointy things for? Tune in tomorrow for an explanation of all things BDSM toys.

Using Press This To Reblog Anything on the Internet 2 comments

So, we have the new website and so far there isn’t a reblog feature on it that I have found, which is a drag. The people that do have the reblog feature on their blogs, also have the Press This button that you can drag to your browser to reblog anything on the internet. I copy and pasted this to share with people from the support pages so I could show you how it works. The links are also live that are in the article, so you can go and read more if you want to. Jolynn and I were talking about using both this WordPress and the website. Katherine R. Blake, another author lady, was telling me that’s what she does. Plus Kathryn also hosts Saturday Spanks, so she’s a busy woman doing all the things she does all over the internet. We’ve worked hard to get this […]

Getting Back To Business

Let’s get back to the business of books and kinkiness. Be sure to check out Kitty’s post on being sex positive, and then find a steamy book to curl up with Want to learn about all things kink? We’ve got that in the BDSM Archives Want to read a kinky paranormal romance? We’ve got that. Want to read a historical paranormal romance? We’ve got that. Want a book that will tell you how to create a domestic discipline or power exchange relationship? We’ve go that too. What to read about real BDSM scenes in a collection of short stories? Sweet Agony Dark Obsessions F/f BDSM Short Stories Want to be titillated or educated about kink? Come and explore the world Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions Yes, kink is as wicked and wonderful as it looks!