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Guest Post – Why Do You Think That’s Acceptable Behavior?

Why Do You Think That’s Acceptable Behavior? by Brittunculi   I really at this point shouldn’t be shocked by my inbox… …Yet I am I have men who are old enough to have lived life and experienced society and how it works sending me the most ridiculous messages. So I ask the question time and time again ‘Why do you think that’s acceptable behavior?’ Your fantasies might be great, but they’re yours. They have nothing to do with anyone else until they consent to engage in them with you. Your penis gives you no rights over a single female on this site. Have you tried the shit you pull at the supermarket? Why don’t you speak to a Police Officer that way? See how far that gets you. If you wouldn’t do it in public, you shouldn’t do it on this website. All I see when you send me those […]

Guest Post : Ashe Barker ~ Her Noble Lords #Spanking 2 comments

Guest Post : Ashe Barker ~ Her Noble Lords #Spanking Hi there, and thank you so much for inviting me over to share a bit from my latest release. Her Noble Lords is an erotic ménage story set in medieval England. It was a lot of fun to write, mainly because I was able to weave in so many of my favourite fantasies – abduction, not one but TWO hot knights with distinctly twitchy palms, a sassy damsel in distress, and of course a lot of spanking. You can grab a copy from :      Amazon US         Amazon UK        All Romance   Here’s the back cover stuff: After eighteen-year-old Linnet Routh is kidnapped from her home in Wellesworth castle by Ralf, the powerful, handsome Earl of Egremont, and his identical twin brother Piers, it quickly becomes clear to her that the seasoned warriors have mistaken her for someone else. Convinced that […]

Guest Post on Bondage Pallet Wrap Style by Dominic and Princess

Bondage Pallet Wrap Style by Dominic and Princess: Interviewed by Jolynn Raymond I recently had an opportunity to watch you play using pallet wrap and a large jungle gym type of structure. I really enjoyed what I saw. Your submissive look like a beautiful green dragonfly. I knew right away that I wanted to share my experience with my readers. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. I’m sure we will all learn a lot. **The term bottom refers to the person who is on the receiving end of the bondage. Pallet wrap is similar to Saran wrap but is rated to be load bearing and withstand tension. Do not use Saran wrap. ***The term Top refers to the person orchestrating the scene or doing the bondage in this case. **There will be an interview with both the Top – Dominic, and the bottom, Princess. Why pallet wrap? Because rope takes too long. Pallet […]

SCOTUS According to Jack 1 comment

SCOTUS According to Jack   So marriage equality is finally here, by order of the SCOTUS. I for one am extremely thrilled while still being mindful of the fact that there is still work to do in the various spheres of human rights. But it is a huge victory for US citizens that there is now formal acknowledgement and legitimacy of same sex marriage. The ruling does not particularly affect me on an individual level. I’m already married. Marriage Equality was recognized in my state last year and prior to the ruling, Marriage Equality existed in some form or another in 37 states prior to the ruling. It does affect many of my friends and loved ones, however, some of whom have been with their partners for decades, but have been unable to so much as visit them in the hospital when they are ill. I spend a lot of […]

This Is How I Poly. ~ Guest Post by Jack 5 comments

This Is How I Poly. Guest Post by Jack aka Tamed @Jack_of_hearts7 There are certain ideas, certain concepts that I have long wanted to communicate clearly and concisely to partners, potential partners, lovers, FWBs, or people that I have complex relationships with that I do not have a name for. Sometimes though, I find myself, for whatever reason, unable to clearly articulate them. I may make additions to this list as it occurs to me to do so. In no particular order of importance… Point the First: I don’t place my relationships on a hierarchy. It is true, I am married and rather happily so. And sometimes the people I am involved with naturally assume that means that my spouse will always “out rank” them in terms of importance in my life. That is not true. While he is my “primary” partner, “primary” in this instance means that my life […]

Jack’s Guide to Doin’ the Sexorz Like A Boss #SexGuide

Jack’s Guide to Doin’ the Sexorz Like A Boss by Jack @Jack_of_hearts7 I see a lot of “guides” floating around the Fetsphere on how to improve one’s sexual technique. Generally these things focus on oral sex (either blow jobs or cunnilingus), and they’re typically, but not always, written by men. Some of them are helpful, and some of them are about as useful as tits on a bull. Generally though, they’re very heteronormative. These are just things I like to focus on as a queer person. Even if you’ve slept with a person with similar anatomy before, not everyone’s body works the same way, and not everyone likes the same sensation. This is SO important. I’ve seen other “guides” mention that not all women are the same. Kudos on that to the people who have written those, because it’s true. But NOBODY’S body works exactly the same way as another person’s. […]

DJing at Kink Events by Spike72

DJing at Kink Events by Spike72 It’s no secret that I have been Djing and MCing at quite a few kinky events over the past few years: Madtown Kinkfest, Grind, the on-hiatus ForPlay, Kinky Kollege, and recently Sabbat de Sade. Hell, I even hosted “kinky karaoke” at Twisted Tryst once. DJing is my chosen profession now, and honestly, even with the slow growth my business has been having I have been pleasantly satisfied at the amount of exposure and gigs I’ve been getting. I think I’m ok at what I do; I still have some learning to do, but that means I can only go up from here. DJing at kink events is its own reward for the most part, because like other members of a kink-con staff I donate my time, equipment and talent. Just like any gig, I am aware that not everyone is going to appreciate the […]

How I Learned About Social Change in a Dungeon #Boundaries 1 comment

How I Learned About Social Change in a Dungeon by LilBitRockNRoll Last weekend, I spent an amazing three days immersing myself in my first con at GKE. I wore crazy revealing costumes, got mostly naked in front of tons of people during my scenes, and generally just flitted about in a daze, marveling at how crazy and wonderful everyone I met was. When the con came to a close, I headed back to NYC with my friends and resumed my life. Unfortunately, within 15 minutes of resuming my life, I found myself walking down the street in my neighborhood in a pair of jeans and a jacket, passing one of the many dive bars in the area, with the following words ringing in my ears: “Look at that tight ass. Nice tight ass there.” and “Come in here I’ll buy you a drink!” and after ignoring the latter “You bitch!” […]

Can BDSM Play and Psychological Triggers Still Equal Safe, Sane, and Consensual? 13 comments

Can BDSM Play and Psychological Triggers Still Equal Safe, Sane, and Consensual? @Jack_of_hearts7 Triggers during a BDSM scene are something we should be talking about, because when they happen, consent can become muddled and those involved on either side of the scene can feel helpless. The following interview was done with a friend who suffers from PTSD. It is one that everyone should read whether they play in their local kink dungeons or in the privacy of their own home. It is one that should be read if you are interested in BDSM and have psychological issues, have a partner who does, or could someday meet someone who deals with triggers on a day to day basis. So basically that means just about everyone, because no one knows what the future will bring. This article isn’t meant to scare anyone away, it is meant to educate so you are prepared, and […]