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Daddy and Babygirl Relationships by Paul Rulof (RuleOfThree) 9 comments

While we have had several other Daddy/babygirl posts, the subject seems to be popular, and I have had a number of quality guest posts offered up by those who practice this lifestyle, therefore I feel it is important to post all of them. I hope this post will offer even more insight into this kind of relationship. The Daddy/Babygirl relationship style is becoming more popular, but is frequently misunderstood in the alternative sexuality community.  Just like any relationship, the specifics are often different between couples, but I’ll tell you a little bit about me and my relationships. Daddies I am a Daddy Dominant.  By being a Daddy, I take a protecting, nurturing, caring, guiding, and disciplining role in relationships.   This makes me feel satisfied and happy. The Dominant part means that I largely shape or guide the relationship, offer the options, and am in control.  One of the most important traits […]