Daily Archives: March 30, 2014

My Writing Process – Blog Tour

    My muse can be the death of me or whisper ideas that take my mind on an incredible journey. The question often arises about how I write, so I figured this blog hop would shed a little light on my darkly twisted, often kinky, and wonderful Muse, and how I put onto paper what she whispers in my ear. First things first. I have been tagged in this blog by the wonderful and talented Sotia Lazu  I’ve known Sotia for a good while now and we both began to grow into the writers that we are around the same time. Her romances offer a good deal of heat, but also contain characters who are real. They make mistakes, they are far from perfect, and yet even with those flaws, they find love. I like her style because none of us are perfect and yet so many romances have a hero and heroine […]