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Getting Back To Business

Let’s get back to the business of books and kinkiness. Be sure to check out Kitty’s post on being sex positive, and then find a steamy book to curl up with Want to learn about all things kink? We’ve got that in the BDSM Archives Want to read a kinky paranormal romance? We’ve got that. Want to read a historical paranormal romance? We’ve got that. Want a book that will tell you how to create a domestic discipline or power exchange relationship? We’ve go that too. What to read about real BDSM scenes in a collection of short stories? Sweet Agony Dark Obsessions F/f BDSM Short Stories Want to be titillated or educated about kink? Come and explore the world Jolynn Raymond’s Dark Obsessions Yes, kink is as wicked and wonderful as it looks!

Change = Hysteria

I love my wife, and I love her passion for a great blog that can do amazing things and be so much more interactive than this one. That said, I can’t do it. I hate change. Yes, I’m one of those people. Perhaps it comes with my dominant personality and the fact that I have zero control over the crazy that is Google and how it relates to my blogging. Beauty has worked tirelessly. She’s stayed up nights, been on the phone with support, cracked this code and that, and played with widgets and hash tags, all of which I could never do. Her hard work is not being tossed aside, I am just using this blog for now until things can be ironed out. Thank you Beauty, I love you and your dedication.

Being Sex Positive: Guest Post by The Kitty

Are you sex positive or sex negative? Being Sex Positive: Guest Post by The Kitty Kitty is a person with an infectious personality. She is a very positive person who gives the vibe of let’s do what will be really great for everyone involved. She doesn’t shy away from things and is open to suggestions, and she truly cares about her play partners. She enjoys a number of different kinds of play that include but aren’t limited to strap-on play to blood play. This post talks more about the blood play than the strap-on, but it also talks about her forward thinking sex positive attitude. When discussing her kinks, Kitty talks about enjoying bloodplay, and while the focus is on her and her attitudes in general, it does include aspects of her kinks. That said, neither the writer of the post nor the hostess of the blog will be held liable […]