Daily Archives: March 23, 2014

Using Press This To Reblog Anything on the Internet 2 comments

So, we have the new website and so far there isn’t a reblog feature on it that I have found, which is a drag. The people that do have the reblog feature on their WordPress.com blogs, also have the Press This button that you can drag to your browser to reblog anything on the internet. I copy and pasted this to share with people from the support pages so I could show you how it works. The links are also live that are in the article, so you can go and read more if you want to. Jolynn and I were talking about using both this WordPress and the website. Katherine R. Blake, another author lady, was telling me that’s what she does. Plus Kathryn also hosts Saturday Spanks, so she’s a busy woman doing all the things she does all over the internet. We’ve worked hard to get this […]