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Guest Post ~ Secrets of My Loyal Lesbian 1 comment

  This week’s guest interview is with a man who has been in the kink scene and been double dipped in the wild waters of BDSM. He was around when the clubs in Chicago first came into being, has been in BDSM porn movies with Mistress Diamond of Chicago, has personally serviced some of the big name Dommes, won records for taking the most cane strokes on records day in Australia, and is also one of the most caring friend and play partner I have ever had.   His heavy masochistic ying perfectly complements my sadistic yang. He is the Major Domo at our CFNM parties, he walked my beautiful wife down the aisle to me so we could be married and I could place her collar around her neck for our lifetime, and he and I have so very much fun being ridiculous when we play. He is the […]

Guest Post: Gender Identity and BDSM Roles by Joelle Casteel 5 comments

Joelle is a fellow BDSM Erotica author. Her stories don’t replicate the most often pairing of M/f roles, and neither does she. In this day and age of the slow acceptance of different gender identities other than male and female, and the ‘normal’ heterosexual couples being joined by homosexual, bisexual, and lesbian couples at the alter and on Main street, those in society who thumb their noses and spit upon those who refuse to be made by a cookie cutter are having to peddle their hate elsewhere. There is no normal anymore, so they’d better get over it.    Gender Identity and BDSM Roles Let me start off with a story of something that pissed me off this morning – BDSM book group, someone posts about a couple (I forget if genders were mentioned) with sub being lead on leash and collar. One person in part (I didn’t read all, […]

Guest Post: Lord Katana Explains All About Floggers 1 comment

Guest Post: Lord Katana Explains All About Floggers Today’s guest post is by Lord Katana. He is a good friend with a wonderful talent for making hand crafted floggers and other leather items. He made Beauty’s play cuffs, several of my favorite floggers, and my present last Christmas which was a belt/holster that has a holster for my neon wand and another holster for the Hitachi for hands free electric play and at ready fun during a play session. (Note, don’t grab the Hitachi before turning the wand off. Bad mix of electricity.) I asked him to share some of his expertise with my readers so they can learn to make informed decisions when buying toys, as well as learning how the different materials a flogger is made from can change the feel of play. Thank you for agreeing to share your expertise with us. Can you tell my readers […]

Reflections: A Guest Post on Being Transgender 4 comments

I’ve only met Paige a couple of times, but my impressions of her were that she was very pretty and poised. Her post takes us from the first time she put on a dress, to the well-adjusted and confident person she is now. At the end she offers to help and support others in their quest to be accepted. Her journey to becoming a Transgender woman is worth reading. It will help those who are struggling find hope, and those who are not Transgender understand the courage it takes to face the world and be open about who you are no matter what.   Reflections by Sissy Paige Recently my wife suggested i take some time to write about components of my journey through life, recognizing that there may be others who are facing many of the same challenges i have and continue to face.  So, even if no one reads this, i’m going to take a stab […]

A Favorite Pony Post from Onyx and @piecesofjade 1 comment

A Favorite Pony Post from Onyx and @piecesofjade This has been a popular post that has people trotting over to visit Jolynn’s. A big thank you to Onyx and Jade of Kink and Poly for letting me put it out there to everyone. Those ponies on the Human Pony Tumblr just can’t get enough of Onyx. You can find their stable here.   Onyx ~ The Show Pony   Take a trot around our place and see what going on.

Onyx the Show Pony ~ Jade’s Guest Post

  With Jade’s permission, she is letting me re-post her entry from the Madtown Kinkfest Fetish Pageant. Two times a year the event is held in Madison, normally February and July. The Fetish Pageant is the big thing to show off you and your talents/ fetish clothes. There is always a theme, and JMW is the hostess of that event. We did participate in one a couple years ago, and there are pictures, so maybe someday you’ll get to see them.  We already have our tickets and the hotel booked for the summer. Onyx the Show Pony Last year at this time, W, Ad and I attended MadtownKinkFest in Madison. We had a terrific time, and part of that was having the opportunity to participate in their annual Fetish Pageant. The idea is to show and explain a fetish of yours through your costuming – preferably as handmade as possible […]

Daddy and Babygirl Relationships by Paul Rulof (RuleOfThree) 9 comments

While we have had several other Daddy/babygirl posts, the subject seems to be popular, and I have had a number of quality guest posts offered up by those who practice this lifestyle, therefore I feel it is important to post all of them. I hope this post will offer even more insight into this kind of relationship. The Daddy/Babygirl relationship style is becoming more popular, but is frequently misunderstood in the alternative sexuality community.  Just like any relationship, the specifics are often different between couples, but I’ll tell you a little bit about me and my relationships. Daddies I am a Daddy Dominant.  By being a Daddy, I take a protecting, nurturing, caring, guiding, and disciplining role in relationships.   This makes me feel satisfied and happy. The Dominant part means that I largely shape or guide the relationship, offer the options, and am in control.  One of the most important traits […]

Being Sex Positive: Guest Post by The Kitty

Are you sex positive or sex negative? Being Sex Positive: Guest Post by The Kitty Kitty is a person with an infectious personality. She is a very positive person who gives the vibe of let’s do what will be really great for everyone involved. She doesn’t shy away from things and is open to suggestions, and she truly cares about her play partners. She enjoys a number of different kinds of play that include but aren’t limited to strap-on play to blood play. This post talks more about the blood play than the strap-on, but it also talks about her forward thinking sex positive attitude. When discussing her kinks, Kitty talks about enjoying bloodplay, and while the focus is on her and her attitudes in general, it does include aspects of her kinks. That said, neither the writer of the post nor the hostess of the blog will be held liable […]

Guest Post: Trust, BDSM, and Fear Play 14 comments

TRUST and BDSM {Trust, BDSM, and Fear Play} This article is written by a good friend. I like to think that our minds are similarly twisted though I’m sure he is at least a little bit more devious than I am because he plays with the mind as much as the body. I asked him to write a guest post because I know that the of the type of play he does requires his partner to have absolute faith in him. He is going to speak on trust, consensual non-consent, fear play, and just why on earth his submissive would agree to give up so much of what most of us, even those into BDSM want to have a say in. What I’m talking about is the right to stop, whether by safeword or other words and actions, something that makes us feel like our self preservation is threatened. This article is being […]