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Reflections: A Guest Post on Being Transgender 4 comments

I’ve only met Paige a couple of times, but my impressions of her were that she was very pretty and poised. Her post takes us from the first time she put on a dress, to the well-adjusted and confident person she is now. At the end she offers to help and support others in their quest to be accepted. Her journey to becoming a Transgender woman is worth reading. It will help those who are struggling find hope, and those who are not Transgender understand the courage it takes to face the world and be open about who you are no matter what.   Reflections by Sissy Paige Recently my wife suggested i take some time to write about components of my journey through life, recognizing that there may be others who are facing many of the same challenges i have and continue to face.  So, even if no one reads this, i’m going to take a stab […]