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A Favorite Pony Post from Onyx and @piecesofjade 1 comment

A Favorite Pony Post from Onyx and @piecesofjade This has been a popular post that has people trotting over to visit Jolynn’s. A big thank you to Onyx and Jade of Kink and Poly for letting me put it out there to everyone. Those ponies on the Human Pony Tumblr just can’t get enough of Onyx. You can find their stable here.   Onyx ~ The Show Pony   Take a trot around our place and see what going on.

We Are Ethical ~ BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archive 2 comments

Originally posted January 26, 2013 If you came for the books and are disturbed by BDSM, by all means, skip this post! I thought a bit about this blog post before deciding to go ahead and do it. It’s not that I am ashamed in any way shape or form about my sexuality and kinky lifestyle, it’s because as a rule, I don’t think its okay to shove BDSM down the throat of those who would feel offended by it. That said, my involvement in BDSM isn’t exactly hidden on here, so I decided to choose the road that might lead to a better understanding of who we are. That popular book, you know the one, has a lot of misconceptions. For one, there isn’t a huge percentage of us who come from dark or abusive backgrounds or have hidden traumas, at least not more than the regular population. We […]

domestic discipline

So, now that I know what I’m doing, we’ll start over fresh. I am going to be re-publishing the BDSM and Domestic Discipline Archives again since that’s one of the top things that people search for when they stop by. One night it took me two hours just to go through all the pages on the WordPress site and see what needs to be put where, and wrote it in a notebook that I keep by me on the end table in the living room. It’s our home office since everyone spends all their time here using the electronics and the printer while sitting quietly with the pets, or watching TV. Let the discipline begin and we’ll get started. Take off your shoes and get comfy on your couch and let’s go.


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We’ll be open for business tomorrow 2 comments

In the meantime, pop over to Jolynn’s Raymond’s WordPress¬†to get crawling to the Dungeon. It’s a story about Beth and how she needs to make a decision about what implement is to be used as her punishment. It’ll be hot and spicy as usual, with a little of bit of Sweet Agony thrown in for good measure. You might find yourself having a little Sweet Agony and writing about in your diary over the weekend.