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Guest Post: Lord Katana Explains All About Floggers 1 comment

Guest Post: Lord Katana Explains All About Floggers Today’s guest post is by Lord Katana. He is a good friend with a wonderful talent for making hand crafted floggers and other leather items. He made Beauty’s play cuffs, several of my favorite floggers, and my present last Christmas which was a belt/holster that has a holster for my neon wand and another holster for the Hitachi for hands free electric play and at ready fun during a play session. (Note, don’t grab the Hitachi before turning the wand off. Bad mix of electricity.) I asked him to share some of his expertise with my readers so they can learn to make informed decisions when buying toys, as well as learning how the different materials a flogger is made from can change the feel of play. Thank you for agreeing to share your expertise with us. Can you tell my readers […]