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WTF Fridays 2 comments

  Thanks to Em Petrova for letting me borrow her WTF Friday idea. Obviously this post with be for articles or items that make you go, “What the fuck?” Today’s WTF is brought to you by The Pogo Stick Fucking Machine. Prices vary from $64 + – $149. I am pretty open minded, but I’m not trying it out. I can see someone tripping and falling over and taking out an eye. On Talk Sex with Susan Johanson she demonstrates how it works. The video is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea. I used to watch her show all the time, but I don’t remember seeing that particular toy. {The page to load a video require Java Script, so you can always watch her on Youtube if it’s giving you issues.}

Guest Post ~ Secrets of My Loyal Lesbian 1 comment

  This week’s guest interview is with a man who has been in the kink scene and been double dipped in the wild waters of BDSM. He was around when the clubs in Chicago first came into being, has been in BDSM porn movies with Mistress Diamond of Chicago, has personally serviced some of the big name Dommes, won records for taking the most cane strokes on records day in Australia, and is also one of the most caring friend and play partner I have ever had.   His heavy masochistic ying perfectly complements my sadistic yang. He is the Major Domo at our CFNM parties, he walked my beautiful wife down the aisle to me so we could be married and I could place her collar around her neck for our lifetime, and he and I have so very much fun being ridiculous when we play. He is the […]

E ~ Is For Eeep! #SpankA2Z 3 comments

E – Eeep! – Eeep is the sound my darling wife makes when I find the special spots she has on the back of her calves and the bottoms of her feet. The stainless steel claws, the six wheel Wartenberg wheel, and my other sharp and pointies bring about such a delicious sound. I slowly trace my claw downward, starting on the inside of each thigh and then winding around and down ever so slowly over the back of her knee until EEEP! My favorite noise fills the air and she shivers, tossing her head from side to side until I begin slowly downward once more. I can’t help but let out just a bit of evil laughter. The funny thing is she loves my sharp and pointy toys. Eeep! You can find the page to their store for the claws here.