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Guest Post: Gender Identity and BDSM Roles by Joelle Casteel 5 comments

Joelle is a fellow BDSM Erotica author. Her stories don’t replicate the most often pairing of M/f roles, and neither does she. In this day and age of the slow acceptance of different gender identities other than male and female, and the ‘normal’ heterosexual couples being joined by homosexual, bisexual, and lesbian couples at the alter and on Main street, those in society who thumb their noses and spit upon those who refuse to be made by a cookie cutter are having to peddle their hate elsewhere. There is no normal anymore, so they’d better get over it.    Gender Identity and BDSM Roles Let me start off with a story of something that pissed me off this morning – BDSM book group, someone posts about a couple (I forget if genders were mentioned) with sub being lead on leash and collar. One person in part (I didn’t read all, […]