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Let My Kinky Freedom Ring! 1 comment

    Let My Kinky Freedom Ring Today is the day we celebrate the birth of freedom in our country, and it’s finally time for me to celebrate new freedoms too. I have gained the liberty to express my sexuality as well as the freedom to be kinky, and boy does it feel good. I have retired, and we are moving to Florida, where the fetish clubs are licensed, and the views are more liberal. Self-censorship was hard. I smothered myself and my wife because I needed to toe the line and present myself as an upstanding vanilla do-gooder, to conform to the morality clause in the contract that governed me for 31 years. Now there is no need to hide the fact that I am a lesbian who is extremely kinky and writes books that contain kinky smut, BDSM, and how to domesticate and discipline your wife. I can […]