Out With The Pet Peeves

Pet Peeves

Out With the Pet Peeves


We’ve made it to another year. It seems like just a while ago we were all preparing for Y2K. Times flies. It’s the truth. I have made a personal resolution, but that isn’t what this is about. This is a light-hearted look at my pet peeves. We all have them. Those things that drive us crazy, and yet everyone’s pet peeves are different. I think that it is a good thing when it comes to Beauty and I. Of course, we share some, but we also have ones that are vastly different, meaning when I simply am ready to explode or throttle someone, she is calm about it and vice versa, which helps us take a breath.

I would love to hear some of my reader’s pet peeves. I think it’s fun to look at what makes others annoyed, only because it makes us take a step back and say “Really?” We are all human, and we all have to deal with the people who the universe tossed into our path.

  1. The number one top thing I can’t abide by is people being late. Hate it! And if something happens so I even think I might be late I get crazy. My life is regimented and on schedule. I estimate travel time into what time we need to leave the house and such. It’s been hard for me because I can’t drive any longer due to my seizures, and I am dependent on Beauty to get me everywhere. That lack of control is highly annoying. I can guess that her number one pet peeve might be my bitching because we are going to be late. Grrr we dominants need to control everything don’t we?
  2. It annoys me to no end when people walk straight at or nearly into my mom when we are in a crowded place. There she is with her cane, me hovering on one side, Beauty on the other, and there are people who will expect her to dodge out of their way. Seriously. She’s 89 and is clearly elderly, and yet Beauty must often refrain from tripping or body blocking those who have no regard for the Queen Mother. This happens all over, even in the hospital, and it’s not like we take up the entire walkway. We are not walking super slow blocking everyone’s path; we are off to one side for self-preservation. If she got run over by someone, I think Beauty and I would have to kill someone!
  3. People who monopolize the conversation. I’m talking about those people who seem to have a desperate desire to one-up everybody during a conversation. You tell your friends or family about something that occurred, happened in your life, or what you did, and they must one up by saying they’ve done this and that better, oh their tragedy was, even more, horrid, or whatever. They aren’t really having a conversation; they are having a “me” fest. Open your ears and your brain people. Others people like to converse, not just listen to how your experience was so very much better or worse.
  4. People with no manners. Be it BDSM protocol, people being way too loud and forcing their conversation on others, or just being rude, people who act like they are the only people in the world, annoy me. Seriously people. Follow basic safety rules, follow directions, and act like you realize other people exist in this world. Don’t let doors close in people’s faces, don’t stand in the middle of the aisle, parking lot, door way talking and completely oblivious, and understand your desire does not trump anyone else’s. I’m not saying you can’t march to your own drummer, but please remember you aren’t the only one in the band.
  5. Cursing in public. Beauty knows this upsets me. I cuss like a sailor. My speech is often riddled with profanities, except when I am in public. There are those offended by curse words; there are often children about. Does the lady standing next to you in line cuss up a blue streak when she’d agitated? Perhaps, but you don’t know that, and, therefore, I do my best to curb my tongue in public.
  6. Darters. Oh, good God who taught you people about crossing the street? These are the folks who cross the street in the middle of the block or even at the corner against the light. They dash out in front of cars even if it’s dark and rainy when common sense should tell then no one can see them. What the hell? They cause us heart attacks as they jump off the curb and then slooooowly meander across the street, causing Beauty to brake or swerve and cuss a blue streak that is very much allowed.
  7. Anyone who is mean or cruel to animals. I get that you may not like them, but that doesn’t mean you can hurt them or neglect them. Just don’t have a pet or go near them. And if you are in my home you are also in my pet’s home. They live here; you do not. Do not tease, push, kick at, or shove my animals. They are a part of our family.

Now that I’ve aired out my pet peeves, I will remind myself and my readers that we need to practice tolerance. Now I know that tolerance can only go so far if someone is truly causing you to be in danger or is invading your personal space, but I will try to be more accepting or simply get the hell away from people who put a dent in my day. Their stupidity, ignorance, indifference, hate, or inability to function within society can just be a blip on my radar. I don’t need to let them stress me out. In 2016, I will keep my eyes open, watch out for idiots and those hell-bent on their own destruction, and just take a breath. If you harm my family I will take action, if you just annoy me, I will count to ten and by then you will probably move on.

Happy 2016 everyone. Go forth and do your best to make it a great year.


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