Daily Archives: December 28, 2015

Consent, Age, and Personal Views

 Consent, Age, and Personal Views As most of us who are active in kink know, consent is EVERYTHING! I do not touch or become dominant towards anyone who has not verbally invited me to, has answered the question “Where can’t I touch you?” and has given consent to use a specified implement or have a play session involving X, Y, and Z. I also review the color system for play meaning green for keep going or more, yellow for I’m reaching the top of my tolerance, and red for stop right this second. In my book, only those who are able to make that sort of decision can only give consent. Be it a young age, a lack of being able to communicate because of a language barrier, being incapacitate by drugs or alcohol, not being human, still being in subspace from previous play, or not being able to repeat […]