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Ass To Mouth? Just Say No! #AnalSex 6 comments

Ass to Mouth? Just Say No!   Normally I am one who will say that even if something isn’t my kink, you have every right to indulge in it as long as it doesn’t hurt me and mine, and it’s safe, sane and consensual. Today I have to speak up, because the activity lacks the safe component. What am I talking about? What could make me say oh hell no don’t do that? Is it knives? Is it fire? Is it fisting /footing with Big Foot? Nope, it’s ass to mouth play. The act of taking one’s cock out of someone’s ass and then putting it in their mouth or another orifice before washing. I am certain there are those who will argue that the rectum has good bacteria in it. The rectum is really quite clean, especially after an enema. The rectum can be made clean enough so there […]

SRR – Differentiating Between Punishment and Discipline 19 comments

The following post is for the spanking round table discussion, and is written to help people differentiate between discipline and punishment in a power exchange relationship. Those who are new to BDSM or those who have engaged in kink but wish to move into a power exchange or domestic discipline relationship may often get hung up on when they are trying to figure out rules, routines, punishment, and fun BDSM play. I’m going to start with a basic definition for discipline, punishment and funishment. The three are different in many ways. but they are the same as well, because **All three things must be agreed on and must be based on consent by BOTH partners without coercion.** Discipline is the way in which my home is run and the structure that is at the base of my relationships within my BDSM kink family. The rules and routines vary quite a bit […]

Kink Toy Tuesday: Fifth Edition #Slapper 3 comments

Hand Tooled Leather Slapper Last year at Thunder in The Mountains while shopping the vendors at the event, I spotted this at Master Mac’s booth. His store is called The Kink Shop and they are out of Shreveport, Louisiana. It is a hand tooled leather slapper made by a fella that made horse saddles for forty plus years. I happen to like leather slappers as we have multiple ones, but this one was really nice. Jolynn gives me a certain amount of money to spend there, and of course I have to make choices. This slapper was $60+ there. I had bought three soy candles, and a red rope scissors that I use in the kitchen. I actually have two in the kitchen and we have one in the dungeon area. You can never have too many since they are like $5. They cut right through Trout skin without mangling the fish. I also […]

Can BDSM Play and Psychological Triggers Still Equal Safe, Sane, and Consensual? 13 comments

Can BDSM Play and Psychological Triggers Still Equal Safe, Sane, and Consensual? @Jack_of_hearts7 Triggers during a BDSM scene are something we should be talking about, because when they happen, consent can become muddled and those involved on either side of the scene can feel helpless. The following interview was done with a friend who suffers from PTSD. It is one that everyone should read whether they play in their local kink dungeons or in the privacy of their own home. It is one that should be read if you are interested in BDSM and have psychological issues, have a partner who does, or could someday meet someone who deals with triggers on a day to day basis. So basically that means just about everyone, because no one knows what the future will bring. This article isn’t meant to scare anyone away, it is meant to educate so you are prepared, and […]

Adventures In Kink: Day One MTKF 2 comments

I know I planned a ‘you are there’ kind of posting, but it simply didn’t pan out. There was just too much to do. I only finished half of my interview with Tamed on triggers because we talked too much about general things during the ride to Madison. Best laid plans and all that. She has the rest of the questions and is going to send them back. We just had to catch up, and once Madtown began, all of us were busy. The BDSM play ideas listed should be done in a safe, sane, and consensual way with the awareness of the risk involved. The author of this blog cannot be held responsible for any actions of the readers. I am simply reporting facts learned. Day One of the actual convention: We slept in, which was the plan, and were rested up for the classes when they began. The […]

Kink Toy Tuesday: Fourth Edition #Spanking #Lollipop 2 comments

The Lollipop Paddle Our kink toy for today is the Lollipop paddle. Jolynn picked this up this last weekend at Madtown Kinkfest. The folks that make it are 12:11 Kink and it’s around $40, depending on if you buy it at the event or have one sent to you. It’s made with Corian by Dupont, and you care for it like you would for your countertop. So, you can imagine what it would be like to be whapped by a round bit of Corian that’s 2 x 2 inches. The paddle itself is sixteen inches. Jolynn gave me one whap to test it out right after she had bought it. It lives in the nightstand on her side of the bed. I said it should only be for Jud and she didn’t think so. I’m sure he will be excited to experience it when he comes over to the house.  Beauty     […]

Olivia Gets Bold #SatSpanks 10 comments

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Blog hop!  If you’re a reader who likes stories with with a touch of corporal punishment, this is the hop for you.  We welcome readers comments, in fact we hunger for them, so don’t be stingy when you’re visiting.  Authors thrive on encouragement. This snippet is taken from Carnal Passion: A Book of Anal Erotica. I’ve decided two and three word sentences don’t really count. I apologize to Headmistress Blake for my discretion. Gideon and Olivia have negotiated on a scene that will introduce Olivia to anal play. Once he is certain she is ready to venture into the great unknown, he is laying down the rules and making certain she is in the right frame of mind for what is to come., and he doesn’t want to hear even a hint of sass. I’m going to pound you until your knees are scraped raw […]

Kinky Convention Here We Come #BDSMConvention 1 comment

The suitcase is packed, the toy bag has been checked and rechecked to make sure I have everything I need, our outfits for the nights in the dungeon are planned, and the schedule has been worked out more or less. What are you going to see in the upcoming days? Some of it will depend on our energy level because these events are fun but exhausting. That’s why we go a day early to settle in. Interviews I am planning on interviewing at least two people. Tamed will talk about triggers. Triggers are an unseen, often unexpected, and sometimes scary emotional reaction that can happen during a scene. If your play partner has triggers, you better know what they are. Secondly, Wanda will talk about CBT (cock and ball torture). I am also hoping to snag an interview on interrogation play. There is a big scene planned which will be […]