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Adventures In Kink: Day One MTKF 2 comments

I know I planned a ‘you are there’ kind of posting, but it simply didn’t pan out. There was just too much to do. I only finished half of my interview with Tamed on triggers because we talked too much about general things during the ride to Madison. Best laid plans and all that. She has the rest of the questions and is going to send them back. We just had to catch up, and once Madtown began, all of us were busy. The BDSM play ideas listed should be done in a safe, sane, and consensual way with the awareness of the risk involved. The author of this blog cannot be held responsible for any actions of the readers. I am simply reporting facts learned. Day One of the actual convention: We slept in, which was the plan, and were rested up for the classes when they began. The […]

Kink Toy Tuesday: Fourth Edition #Spanking #Lollipop 2 comments

The Lollipop Paddle Our kink toy for today is the Lollipop paddle. Jolynn picked this up this last weekend at Madtown Kinkfest. The folks that make it are 12:11 Kink and it’s around $40, depending on if you buy it at the event or have one sent to you. It’s made with Corian by Dupont, and you care for it like you would for your countertop. So, you can imagine what it would be like to be whapped by a round bit of Corian that’s 2 x 2 inches. The paddle itself is sixteen inches. Jolynn gave me one whap to test it out right after she had bought it. It lives in the nightstand on her side of the bed. I said it should only be for Jud and she didn’t think so. I’m sure he will be excited to experience it when he comes over to the house.  Beauty     […]