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Kink Toy Tuesday: Fifth Edition #Slapper 3 comments

Hand Tooled Leather Slapper Last year at Thunder in The Mountains while shopping the vendors at the event, I spotted this at Master Mac’s booth. His store is called The Kink Shop and they are out of Shreveport, Louisiana. It is a hand tooled leather slapper made by a fella that made horse saddles for forty plus years. I happen to like leather slappers as we have multiple ones, but this one was really nice. Jolynn gives me a certain amount of money to spend there, and of course I have to make choices. This slapper was $60+ there. I had bought three soy candles, and a red rope scissors that I use in the kitchen. I actually have two in the kitchen and we have one in the dungeon area. You can never have too many since they are like $5. They cut right through Trout skin without mangling the fish. I also […]