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Ass to Mouth? Just Say No!


Normally I am one who will say that even if something isn’t my kink, you have every right to indulge in it as long as it doesn’t hurt me and mine, and it’s safe, sane and consensual. Today I have to speak up, because the activity lacks the safe component.

What am I talking about? What could make me say oh hell no don’t do that? Is it knives? Is it fire? Is it fisting /footing with Big Foot? Nope, it’s ass to mouth play. The act of taking one’s cock out of someone’s ass and then putting it in their mouth or another orifice before washing.

I am certain there are those who will argue that the rectum has good bacteria in it. The rectum is really quite clean, especially after an enema. The rectum can be made clean enough so there is no danger to the recipient of a cock that travels from their bottom to their mouth or vagina. I’ve heard it all, I’ve read a lot, I’ve also had severe gastrointestinal issues for nearly a year after having a cock leave my ass and be put in both my mouth and my lady bits. Now some will say that my experience is isolated and that I simply must have had bad bacteria or the anal sex left traces of poo on the cock, but I don’t care if it was isolated. A pile of doctor bills, sharp stomach pains, nausea and vomiting, and horrid cramping say different, at least in my book. If it can happen on occasion, it can happen. Period.

I get that having your submissive accept anal sex is an act that is primitive and makes one feel all dommly. I enjoy giving anal. It brings out something more primal and dark in me, but when I engage in anal sex, I am always careful to keep hands that are inserted in the bottom are kept away from the vagina as are dildos. If I have a desire to have my partner suck the dildo I used for anal play, it gets cleaned, even though I always use a condom on anal dildos. I also always clean my hands very thoroughly.

So Jolynn, what about rimming? Is it safe to lick someone’s bottom hole? I will say yes, it is safer. You definitely want to start with a very clean bottom inside and out, and I personally don’t want someone putting their tongue deep into my bottom, so rimming should be just that, tickling and licking the rim of the anus.

People can argue, I am not saying I know it all, I am just speaking from experience. I got sick from ass to mouth. Really sick. Hospital sick. In my book you dommly types need to find something else for your submissive or slave to do if you want them to ‘prove’ they will do anything you ask. The function of the rectum is to dispose of solid waste. We’ve all seen the public health announcements telling us the importance of washing our hands to stop germs and bacteria each time we use the bathroom, and that outbreaks of cryptosporidium, infections from giardia, gastroenteritis and E. coli. If you can accidentally transmit bacteria and illness by poor handwashing, think about sucking a person’s hands after they use the bathroom. Does that sound yummy? What about having a nice long kissing session complete with tongue after you’re done having your submissive accept ass to mouth. Does that make you want to grab the Listerine?

I think what is boils down to is that yes, it can be done without serious complications BUT serious complications can arise. That’s your submissive /wife /partner /lover there before you. You’ve just had anal sex and are ready to stick that unwashed penis into their mouth. Do you want to risk making them very ill? Do you want to trade wet sloppy kisses after they have sucked and licked you clean? Do you want to suck a cock that has recently vacated an asshole? If you answer no to any of these suggestions then just don’t do it.

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6 thoughts on “Ass To Mouth? Just Say No! #AnalSex

  • Jolynn Raymond

    Everything in wonderful in porn land. Everyone comes, everyone is pert and happy and yes, lube comes in the form of spit. I know some may enjoy this kink but I just wanted to tell my story. Thanks Sheri. I appreciate your support and sweet words.

  • Sheri Savill

    I just wonder how the pr0n chicks handle this. Of course you NEVER read that they have ANY problems, because in pr0n everything happens so eaaaaaasily and perfectly and always without lube and no warm-up or anything because, well, Pr0N. (Director: “Cut!”) Ha. Seriously, what a harrowing experience, and I am so sorry to hear all you’ve gone through! Awful. 🙁

  • Jolynn Raymond

    My view is because of my horrendous personal experience. May I suggest wearing a condom for the ass aspect and removing it prior to mouth? I suppose that takes away the enjoyment of the action. Just be safe.

  • spankfunfor

    No fiction here. Enemas for both of us before sex! Ass to mouth id not planned but it happens. From now on ,it will be discussed before sex, but I’ll not feel guilty if Ass to Mouth happens! I love your Blog! You surprised me this time!

  • Jolynn Raymond

    Thanks Katherine. You are right on all counts. My experience was not done by choice or with consent, which of course makes me even more negative about the issue. A recent tweet was having people jump on the pro A to M bandwagon so I had to give my community service safety advice.

  • krblake

    There’s a high “ick” factor for me in this activity as well, even in fiction. I received a serious vaginal infection from merely a digit moving from one area to the other. I can’t even imagine that same digit being placed in my mouth. Nope. Not my kink at all. And you’re right. If a serious gastroenteritis infection happened once, it can happen again. A good warning for all to heed in my opinion. Thanks for posting.