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Ass To Mouth? Just Say No! #AnalSex 6 comments

Ass to Mouth? Just Say No!   Normally I am one who will say that even if something isn’t my kink, you have every right to indulge in it as long as it doesn’t hurt me and mine, and it’s safe, sane and consensual. Today I have to speak up, because the activity lacks the safe component. What am I talking about? What could make me say oh hell no don’t do that? Is it knives? Is it fire? Is it fisting /footing with Big Foot? Nope, it’s ass to mouth play. The act of taking one’s cock out of someone’s ass and then putting it in their mouth or another orifice before washing. I am certain there are those who will argue that the rectum has good bacteria in it. The rectum is really quite clean, especially after an enema. The rectum can be made clean enough so there […]