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Hand Tooled Leather Slapper

Last year at Thunder in The Mountains while shopping the vendors at the event, I spotted this at Master Mac’s booth. His store is called The Kink Shop and they are out of Shreveport, Louisiana. It is a hand tooled leather slapper made by a fella that made horse saddles for forty plus years. I happen to like leather slappers as we have multiple ones, but this one was really nice. Jolynn gives me a certain amount of money to spend there, and of course I have to make choices. This slapper was $60+ there. I had bought three soy candles, and a red rope scissors that I use in the kitchen. I actually have two in the kitchen and we have one in the dungeon area. You can never have too many since they are like $5. They cut right through Trout skin without mangling the fish. I also use the other scissors out in the yard on the tomato bushes and things like that. 

Jolynn bought the Slut Slapper there also from Danny, whose store is Leather by Danny. He must be updating his site since it should be under ‘Sensation Toys’. We also have the Split Thumper by him that you can use for different things, but we use it for spanking. You never can have too many toys for your dungeon. 

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3 thoughts on “Kink Toy Tuesday: Fifth Edition #Slapper

    • BeautysPunishment

      You’re welcome. I like well made hand crafted toys. I think that makes them more special, and you are supporting your local kinky vendor in the meantime. Jolynn gives me a certain amount of spending money, and it’s such a hard decision when they are lots of quality toys to pick from.