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Guest Post: Gender Identity and BDSM Roles by Joelle Casteel 5 comments

Joelle is a fellow BDSM Erotica author. Her stories don’t replicate the most often pairing of M/f roles, and neither does she. In this day and age of the slow acceptance of different gender identities other than male and female, and the ‘normal’ heterosexual couples being joined by homosexual, bisexual, and lesbian couples at the alter and on Main street, those in society who thumb their noses and spit upon those who refuse to be made by a cookie cutter are having to peddle their hate elsewhere. There is no normal anymore, so they’d better get over it.    Gender Identity and BDSM Roles Let me start off with a story of something that pissed me off this morning – BDSM book group, someone posts about a couple (I forget if genders were mentioned) with sub being lead on leash and collar. One person in part (I didn’t read all, […]

Multi Author Book Blogger Giveaway #Winners

Want to win tons of sexy ebooks to start your fire? Four from @JolynnRaymond w/ Taken In Hand — Beautys Punishment (@YourPunishments) April 29, 2014 You could be the lucky winner of any of the thirty prizes. There are lots of great ebooks, swag, and Amazon gift cards than can be yours if you enter the Rafflecopter within the next three days. Jolynn is giving away four gifted ebooks from Amazon of hers that could have your Kindle sizzling this weekend. Lessons of Love, Elizabeth’s Destiny, Sweet Agony, and Taken In Hand. Dining In was just a taste of the Sweet Agony you could be having with your lover. Donating Authors R.J. Redlynn, Chelle Bliss, Amanda Lanclos, Delia Gosa Steele, Alison Easton, Leann Lane, Becca Lee Nyx, Hunter S. Jones, Kayla Lords, Ginger Singh, Tonya Kinzer, and Kaprice Potter, and Jolynn Raymond. Donating Book Blogs and Podcasters Budget Book […]

Are You Primal Enough for Anal Sex? 6 comments

It’s Wednesday once again and it’s time to crawl, and it’s BDSM, so we like it. With whips and chains, and sometimes duct tape. So get on your knees and start crawling! The Dungeon Crawl is brought to you each week by the folks at Romancing The Kink. Excerpt from Primal Cravings: A Collection of Anal Erotica Olivia has been away from the Chicago BDSM scene since the ending of her long term D/s relationship. Her friend Rachel convinced her to attend Kinky Kollege, saying it was time to get back out there and be with friends again. Anal is a hard limit for Olivia, but Rachel dragged her to a class on anal play. Now she simply can’t get the image of Gideon, the presenter, fucking his demo partner in the ass, out of her head. She wandered around the dungeon only to answer the pull of her desires, […]

Dining In: An Erotic Foodplay Story Is #FREE This Weekend and Monday

Click on the cover for Dining In and it will take you to the Amazon page to get your kinky fill of Dining In.  Dining In is a spicy taste of erotic food play that will titillate the body and the senses. Mia comes home after a long day at work to find erotic notes from her lover, Ethan. The notes lead Mia into a wonderfully erotic and very romantic evening of food, sex, and passion as Ethan feeds her a meal of sexually arousing foods in a highly erotic and sometimes devinely messy, manner. Each course is designed to stimulate Mia’s senses. leaving her aroused and craving more from her lover, until finally the ultimate dessert is served.

Claudia Learns A Lesson #SatSpanks 14 comments

Welcome to the Saturday Spankings Bloghop!  If you’re a reader who likes stories with with a touch of corporal punishment, this is the hop for you. We welcome readers comments, in fact we hunger for them, so don’t be stingy when you’re visiting.  Authors thrive on encouragement. This snippet is from my new novel that will be coming out this summer. The title is “His Lordship’s Wayward Wife”. Claudia Stafford has just been married to the Duke of Brighton much to her dismay. She is a rebellious girl, and has no use for rules or things considered proper, but her world is soon to be turned upside down. What she did not know is that her father and his father before him are members of a secret society who believe a woman has her place, even more so that is common practice. Claudia is now married and is beginning to understand […]

Author Spotlight on Normandie Alleman 2 comments

Erotic Romance with Normandie Alleman – Rated Arrrggh!   If you had told Normandie Alleman five years ago she would one day be an author of erotic BDSM romance she would never have believed you. A former psychologist, Normandie spent several years running her own business and blogging professionally, but it had never occurred to her to write fiction until she heard Stephanie Meyer disclose that the idea for Twilight came to her in a dream. Impressed, Normandie vowed to write down her next dream, and let’s just say it happened to be a sexy one. At the time she had recently fallen in love with a long-time friend who had been deployed overseas. Their long-distance romance served as an endless source of inspiration for her, and she began to write flash fiction and short stories. In 2013 her first novel, Daddy Morebucks, was published. Daddy Morebucks is the first […]

Dungeon Crawl ~ A Chocolate Covered Lover 10 comments

This weeks Dungeon Crawl is brought to you by Romancing The Kink, which is Sheri Savill and Trent Evans. A Dungeon Crawl is like a hop, but only we crawl since it’s BDSM. Today our dungeon is tasty, so good you’ll lick your lips. This is an excerpt from Dark Obsessions, my collection of F/f BDSM erotic short stories. This comes from the story Erotic Sensations, featuring my own lovely Beauty. The excerpt begin about two thirds into a sensual play session. I’ve finished drumming with my canes and now am moving on to the delicious part of the scene, drizzling hot fudge all over my wife. The fudge when warmed in a crock pot on low heats it to a hot but not burning temperature and creates the same type of feeling wax play does with the added bonus of being able to lick Beauty clean.   I stir […]

What’s in Your Kinky Basket? 4 comments

  Though I love the traditional sweets in an Easter basket, think Jelly Belly Beans and Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs, we kinky folk tend to dream of something different when being brought goodies. So I ask you, what’s in your basket? Leave a comment in the box below of what you would wish for if the Easter bunny delivered kinky or naughty things. Suspend his carrying ability and the ability to fit it in a basket. He’s magical so he can work around those limitations. The new and improved bunny. The Easter Bunny has come a long way! If I had my wish for things in my basket, my first item would be a cage bench for the dungeon. I spied this piece of furniture while at Thunder in the Mountains and wanted it then and there. It’s a rectangular cage with thick bars and about 3 feet high that […]