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This Is How I Poly. ~ Guest Post by Jack 5 comments

This Is How I Poly. Guest Post by Jack aka Tamed @Jack_of_hearts7 There are certain ideas, certain concepts that I have long wanted to communicate clearly and concisely to partners, potential partners, lovers, FWBs, or people that I have complex relationships with that I do not have a name for. Sometimes though, I find myself, for whatever reason, unable to clearly articulate them. I may make additions to this list as it occurs to me to do so. In no particular order of importance… Point the First: I don’t place my relationships on a hierarchy. It is true, I am married and rather happily so. And sometimes the people I am involved with naturally assume that means that my spouse will always “out rank” them in terms of importance in my life. That is not true. While he is my “primary” partner, “primary” in this instance means that my life […]