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How I Learned About Social Change in a Dungeon #Boundaries 1 comment

How I Learned About Social Change in a Dungeon by LilBitRockNRoll Last weekend, I spent an amazing three days immersing myself in my first con at GKE. I wore crazy revealing costumes, got mostly naked in front of tons of people during my scenes, and generally just flitted about in a daze, marveling at how crazy and wonderful everyone I met was. When the con came to a close, I headed back to NYC with my friends and resumed my life. Unfortunately, within 15 minutes of resuming my life, I found myself walking down the street in my neighborhood in a pair of jeans and a jacket, passing one of the many dive bars in the area, with the following words ringing in my ears: “Look at that tight ass. Nice tight ass there.” and “Come in here I’ll buy you a drink!” and after ignoring the latter “You bitch!” […]