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The Spankings Will Continue Until The Suitcases Are Packed

Jolynn and I are going on vacation next week, and there will be trouble for me if I don’t have my suitcases packed and ready to go. I never know what I want to wear until the last minute, and usually want to take too many clothes along. She said this saying below when we were talking about it the other day.

This is a week out in the country for Jolynn so she can relax. There will be the largest flea market in the Midwest, a farmers market, auctions, and eating. We’re bringing along the wagon so we don’t have to carry a ton of stuff, or apparently you can rent a wagon. 

The Spankings Will Continue Until The Suitcases Are Packed ©

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Once a wild brat that couldn’t be tamed, I have been in a 24/7 DD, D/s relationship since July 14, 2011. We had a collaring ceremony lead by Mistress Joanne and attended by friends. I’m only submissive to Jolynn. Every day I run our business, and anything else so Jolynn can write her books in peace and quiet when she has time. I am the housewife, secretary, publicist, pet parent, and doer of good deeds, squirrel, and fueled by caffeine. Redbull gives me wings to fly through the internets. It is my drink of choice, and it's what's for breakfast. I tend to put my foot in mouth, and will say things without thinking; so if I offend anyone, it's not intentional. I am blunt and to the point, and don't have an inner monologue. According to Jolynn, I don’t have an off button. She keeps trying to find it on the top of my head. I have an off the wall sense of humor; more often than not I am impulsive, a little loud, and sometimes obnoxious. But that's just me.

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