Daily Archives: June 30, 2014

Z is for Zillion #Kinky #SpankA2Z

  Is for Zillion If you hunt around the internet, go to munches, become part of discussion groups, or even attend big BDSM events where they have classes, you will see, hear, and learn about a zillion things having to do with kink. Information varies depending who is giving it because naturally, their viewpoints are slanted toward how the topic of conversation effects them. Masters, tops, dominants, Lords, Mistresses, Queens, Ladies, Sirs, Daddy’s, and Ma’ams are all on the controlling side of the fence, slaves, submissives, babygirls, brats, bottoms, adult babies, and the like are on the side that wish to be controlled. Switches and kinksters are in the middle, and anyone can enjoy giving or receiving impact play, inflicting pain, giving sensations, or bondage. All that is my attempt to lead up to what I feel are the vital things I have learned in my ten plus years of […]