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Q is for Queen – It’s Good To Be The Queen #SpankA2Z 1 comment

It’s Good To Be The Queen Q is for Queen My very dear friend dubbed me the queen a few years ago, and it has stuck. I don’t walk around in public at munches or parties acting as if all pay homage, but I have come to like the moniker Jud has bestowed, at least when spoken by him. Beauty has decided the term fits as well, and has bought me a night shirt, picture frames, and other things with a crown on them. And so, I am the Queen to my closest kink friend and my wife. I come complete with ‘The Royal Snap™’ which is given by my green dragon tail whip upon Jud’s ass. Once I had him call me “Your Highness” during a play session which then of course required many more snaps while he was being told to enunciate! Hop on over to the rest […]

R is for Role – What is a Man’s Role at a CFNM? #SpankA2Z 39 comments

R is for Role – What Is A Man’s Role at a CNFM Party? On occasion I still receive mail from a man who has stumbled across a post about CFNM (clothed female, nude male) I made on Fetlife some time ago. I am well aware that there are MANY men who fantasies about serving at a CFNM party, and that in those fantasies they are made to do all sorts of things that turn them on. It is their fantasy, and they are more than welcome to it. We each have images in our heads that touch the very core of our sexuality and turn up the thermostat inside. The problem that comes with our attempt to live out those fantasies is that the other people in them don’t necessarily act in the way we dreamed about. The post that I have copied and pasted here is really a […]