So You Think You Might Be Kinky? Now What?

So You Think You Might Be Kinky? Now What? Think all this BDSM stuff looks wild, wicked, kind of scary, really sexy, and really interesting? Maybe you read that Shades book and it not only opened your eyes, but made you want to learn oh so much more about kinky relationships. Perhaps now you’re wondering just how to find factual information on kink, dominant and submissive relationships, fetishes, and how to turn curiosities into real life exploration. Taken in Hand could be the guide you are looking for. Want to learn about power exchange? Want to learn about domestic discipline? What to learn how to approach a Mistress? Want to learn how to be a dominant? Want to learn about munches and kink events? Want to learn about the interviews and checklists I give my new male submissives? What to learn about punishments and spankings? Want to get advice from someone who actually lives and practices BDSM […]

Guest Posts 2 comments

I am in the process of setting up guest posts for my weekly BDSM articles. I have people lined up for the Daddy/babygirl relationship, CBT (cock and ball torture), as well as interviews with people who see themselves in the vastly different roles in BDSM. If you feel you’d have knowledge of a subject I haven’t written about, please write me at secretwriter@hotmail.com No one knows about every aspect of kink, and I want to continue to educate my readers in as many subjects as possible.

Don’t Forget a Gift For Yourself

Now It’s Time For You Now that they’ve opened all their presents, it’s time for you to have one too. Give yourself a gift that will take you far away from all the stress and let you put those annoying relatives out of your mind. Find your escape with a novel by Jolynn Raymond All books available for instant download onto Kindle or PC and in paperback Kinky Historical Romance Lessons of Love Elizabeth’s Destiny Paranormal Historical Romance The Beneath the Shadows of Evil Trilogy Taken Torn Treasured Paranormal Romance Shattered Images A Past Undone Set of both Connely Witches books BDSM Short Story Collections Sweet Agony Dark Obsessions Kinky Novella Dining In Non Fiction BDSM DD and Relationship Book Taken In Hand

Heat Up Their Holiday

Nothing heats up a cold winter’s night like kinky historical novels and BDSM short stories by Jolynn Raymond All Books available in paperback and ebook All books are age 18 plus Kinky Historical Romance Lessons of Love Elizabeth’s Destiny BDSM Short Story Collections Sweet Agony Dark Obsessions Kinky Novella Dining In Non Fiction BDSM DD and Relationship Book Taken In Hand

Everything You always Wanted to Know About Anal Play

It seems the need for information about anal paly is never ending. This weekend I will address this subject once more and talk about types of play other than anal sex. I’ll share pictures of my favorite, some uncommon, toys, explain butt plugs and how to use them, issues about being clean before hand, and what to expect. so all you anal fans tune in for a how to guide on everything anal.

A Submissive’s Point of View 3 comments

I saw this picture and statement a few days ago, posted by Michael Makai, and immediately loved it. In fact, I changed my avatar on Fetlife to this picture. I’ve read it over a number of times and have identified with it very strongly, but there is always a moment of pause because the part about being so damn good at it is really quite presumptuous. This train of thought sent me on a search to find out just what submissives think makes a great dominant, not what we dominants think makes us good. I know I have preached to my readers about how it isn’t easy to be dominant. I’ve listed a code of ethics, I’ve talked about not being selfish or thinking it’s all about you, but all of that has come from my own point of view, not that of someone who wears the shoe on the […]