Daily Archives: March 14, 2014

Hot Bottoms Can Melt Snow #SatSpanks

Today’s snippet comes from a short story I wrote a little while back for Winter Spanks. I’m planning on creating a book of short stories that are lighter on the kink and heavier on the domestic discipline in a F/f home like this one does. We find Lizzie and Jess standing in the snow near the car Jess has very recently driven off the road and down an embankment in a snowstorm. Jess had ventured out to get a special birthday present she’d ordered for Lizzie despite the fact that it was snowing like hell. She’d called Lizzie a little bit ago to come and get her after she’d plowed down the embankment and smashed the car, stopping just shy of the half frozen creek. To say Lizzie wasn’t pleased with the situation is putting it mildly. “Get out of the car Jess.” Knowing better than to defy her, Jess slid out from behind the wheel […]

So You Think You Might Be Kinky? Now What?

So You Think You Might Be Kinky? Now What? Think all this BDSM stuff looks wild, wicked, kind of scary, really sexy, and really interesting? Maybe you read that Shades book and it not only opened your eyes, but made you want to learn oh so much more about kinky relationships. Perhaps now you’re wondering just how to find factual information on kink, dominant and submissive relationships, fetishes, and how to turn curiosities into real life exploration. Taken in Hand could be the guide you are looking for. Want to learn about power exchange? Want to learn about domestic discipline? What to learn how to approach a Mistress? Want to learn how to be a dominant? Want to learn about munches and kink events? Want to learn about the interviews and checklists I give my new male submissives? What to learn about punishments and spankings? Want to get advice from someone who actually lives and practices BDSM […]

An Un-Collaring Ceremony

This is written by Jennimal on Fetlife and re-posted with her permission. An Un-Collaring Ceremony  “I am safe,” I said, reaching back and unclasping my necklace. Sir and I had not an hour ago returned from a 4-day intensive M/s conference. We’d attended presentations and seminars by leaders in the leather community from all parts of the country. We’d listened and nodded along with their sage advice on topics ranging from establishing protocols to identifying the stages of an M/s relationship. We’d cried along with the heartfelt poignant anecdotes of the struggles some Masters and slaves had endured to get to the place they were. The very last presentation on spiritual M/s was the one that struck me to my core, and the one that impelled the confession I was now giving, kneeling at Sir’s feet. About a year ago, I was just getting out of a D/s poly triad that […]